Important Do’s and Dont’s of Group Discussion Round: Important Instructions

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Candidates who are completely focused on studying MBA only from the top B-schools in India must be aware of the important Do’s and Dont’s of Group Discussion. Group Discussion is an important part of the final selection process for admission into the top MBA colleges. In this round, the college authority mainly judges the communication and personality of aspiring students.

The group discussion round in the MBA selection process is quite critical to win if the candidate neglects the Do’s and Dont’s of Group Discussion. GDs are based on various topics like business, economy, and current affairs. So, you must keep yourself updated with the latest current affairs by reading newspapers and good magazines daily. Apart from this, the candidates also have to maintain good etiquette, including a polite tone and positive attitude. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have detailed an overview of important Do’s and Dont’s of Group Discussion that you must be obeyed to get selected.

Do’s & Dont’s of Group Discussion

Before starting preparation for the GD round for MBA admission, the candidates must know what is evaluated in this round. The GD round for admission to business school evaluates candidates on the following aspects: Check the details for CAT Exam and be prepared for the upcoming exam.

  • Communication and Interpersonal skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Leadership and teamwork skills
  • Reasoning and analytical skills
  • Creative thinking ability
  • Instant thinking ability
  • Assertiveness and flexibility

So, the subject knowledge is not enough to crack the group discussion round. The candidates must work on their personality and communication skills while preparing Group Discussion Topics for MBA. Never get caught up in the chaos; try to apply your positive outlook, leadership, critical thinking and teamwork skills to manage your performance in this round.

Important Do’s and Dont’s of Group Discussion

The GD process in IIMs is conducted among 8-10 candidates. A topic or situation is given to them for discussion within a limited time frame. A panel observes the communication skills secretly of each candidate and evaluates their ability accordingly. BYJU’S Exam Prep experts highlight some important points on Do’s and Dont’s of Group Discussion separately to help the candidates in their preparation. Also Check: XAT Exam

Top Do’s of Group Discussion

Here is a list of important Do’s that you must follow during the GD round in the MBA admission process.

  • Listen Before then Speak: Always be a good listener to succeed in GD. Please pay attention when others are talking because it is important to coherent the conversation with positive involvement. Additionally, it will also show respect to the other members because the judges will see that you are giving value to the other’s opinions. Note all the details of MAT Eligibility before you applying for the exam.
  • Follow Formal Attire: Dressing sense determines the personality of a person. So, the candidates must dress smartly in a formal outfit instead of wearing a casual dress. This will increase their confidence and keep them comfortable while speaking in the group.
  • Maintain Eye contact while Speaking: Always keeping eye contact with other candidates while speaking is an important Do’s of Group Discussion. It makes the candidates more likely to become trustworthy and persuasive. Also, making eye contact during speaking will show that you are paying attention to the other’s words.
  • Allow others to speak: Never interrupt others when they are speaking, even if the candidate does not agree with their comment. Rather, the candidate must make points and wait for their turn. It is recommended that the candidates must set a limit on their opinions for atleast 40 seconds. Encouraging others to speak by expressing their thoughts is an important Do’s of Group Discussion. It will show your teamwork during the Group discussion round.
  • Answered Politely: Always use simple language to express your thoughts and speak politely without being irritated. Avoid being aggressive all the time, as this will negatively impact on candidate’s personality. Also Check: XAT Registration
  • Always welcome Counterarguments: It is an important Do’s of Group Discussion. GD round always creates a debate session, as others may not agree with your opinion. It is the time when you can easily show your politeness without being aggressive, although you are not supporting their opinion.
  • Try to initiate the conversation. If you start the conversation, that means you are showing direction to others on what they will speak. It will help toy to show your leadership attitude, which is extremely important for any managerial role. Also, Check CAT Syllabus.
  • Plan your Entry and Exist. It is an important Do’s of Group Discussion. If you properly plan, you can easily understand what to say and what not to say. For this, make a note of everyone’s opinion, which will help you plan your through precisely.

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Top Dont’s of Group Discussion

Here, our experts have provided a list of important Dont’s of Group Discussion that you can follow while preparing for the MBA Entrance Exams.

  • Don’t Rush Into: If the candidate is unsure about the GD topic, then it is better to understand the topic from others’; discussions. But, do not speak too much, as it will reduce the consistency of speaking.
  • Maintain a flow of speaking: It is an important Dont’s of Group Discussion that every candidate must follow. If the candidates ever feel that the discussion is veering away from the actual topic, they must take the initiative to bring the discussion on the right track again. It will present the leadership skills of the candidates. Also Check: CMAT Registration
  • Never Overspeak: Try to avoid speaking a lot. Only be focused on the points which are directly related to the other conversation.
  • Another important Dont’s of Group Discussion is you must not interrupt the other candidates while they are speaking. Wait until they finish their speaking. When you get your turn, only then try to express your thoughts.
  • Never speaking on anything which is sensible is an important Dont’s of Group Discussion. Be focused on the subjects and never speak about anything by which other candidates may get hurt. Also Check: CAT Cut Off
  • Never be overconfident and aggressive. Overconfidence will lead you to make mistakes which is totally unaccepted in the GD round. Speak politely and listen to others before expressing your thoughts.
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