Latest Group Discussion Topics 2022: Latest & Current GD Topics for MBA with Answers

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

GD or Group Discussion is one of the important rounds for the MBA Selection process. The Group Discussion Topics, given by the panelists judge the suitability of the candidates’ to pursue MBA Degree. It assesses the overall skills of the candidates’ including their personality, leadership attitude, behaviour, and communication skills. The candidates aiming to join an MBA course must be prepared well for the Group Discussion Topics. The Group Discussion round filters the candidates for final MBA Admission in the top B-Schools in India. 

GD Topics for MBA carry 10-20% weightage in the entire selection process. In IIMs, it is the key parameter to judge the candidates’ personality, communication skills, general awareness, leadership, and teamwork. In this article, our experts have discussed the latest Group Discussion Topics with Answers to help the candidates in their preparation.

What is a Group Discussion (GD) in MBA?

After the MBA Entrance Exam, colleges conduct GS rounds for further admissions. The candidates will get 25-30 minutes to discuss Group Discussions Topics for MBA admission, in which a topic is given to the group of candidates to discuss. However, you will get 5 minutes to be prepared for the given GD Topics for MBA before the discussion is started. At the time of discussion, the admission panelist silently observes the performances of each of the candidates on how nicely they are presenting Group Discussion Topics. So, it is important for every MBA aspirant to be well-prepared for the GD round also.

The GD Topics for MBA are mostly similar to all the MBA Entrance Exams in India. Note that, in the op B-schools it is really tough to crack if you are not updated with the current events happening in both the national and international world. Here is a detailed analysis of Group Discussions topics with answers. You can check those to get an idea about the topics that are needed to be prepared to ace this round.

Types of Group Discussion Topics 

The Group Discussion round is the most essential selection parameter for MBA admission in the top B-schools. After the declaration of the result, all the qualified candidates get a mail to attend the GD for MBA from the respective institutes. You have to clear this round to be selected finally for the final MBA admission. Candidates can face 4 types of Group Discussions Topics for MBA admissions. Check CAT Eligibility properly to avoid last minutes of miscommunication.

  • Abstract Topics
  • Business and Economy Topics
  • Current Affairs
  • Social Issues

Common Group Discussion Topics 

The GD for MBA is the main selection round to get a chance for final admission. Below is a list of Common GD Topics for MBA, which you must prepare for upcoming exams.

Group Discussions Topics for Students

Farm Bills

Post Covid-19 World

Covid-19 Third Wave

Taliban and Afghanistan


International Climate Crisis

Indo Russ Relation


Coal Crisis in India

Oil Crisis in India

Indian Vaccines vs Foreign Vaccines

Online Education: Pros and Cons

Business Startup in the Village

Union Budget

Is Data Privacy needed to be protected?

Post-Covid Work From Home

NRC and Citizenship

Atyanirbhar Bharat

Work-Life Balance is a Myth

Is India ready for Cashless Economy?


Views on YONO

FDI and Retail Price

E-Commerce vs Local Market

Chadrayaan-2 mission

Freedom of Speech

De-Nuclearisation and World Peace

Fake News on Online Medium

World Trade War

Business Ethics or Business Profit

Blockchain Technology

Statue of Unity

Is Privatization necessary in Government Sector?

Importance of Renewable Environment

Group Discussion Topics on Current Affairs

Current Affairs GD Topics for MBA are the most accepted topics as the exam authority always want to check how updated the candidate is. It is the best way to judge candidates’ skills of all the updated news information, mostly related to Sports, National and International Business, Politics, Economy, Budget, and International Relations. Check the updated schedule for CAT Registration.

Below are the latest GD topics to help you prepare better for the upcoming exams.

  • Presidential Elections in the US
  • Future of Electric Vehicle
  • Why Aadhaar is Mandatory?
  • Farmar’s Protest and MSP?
  • Ban of Triple Talaq. Is it helpful for Muslim Community?
  • 7th Pay Commission: Beneficial Action to the Central Government Employees.
  • Banking Sector Consolidation
  • 75 Aircraft on Republic Day
  • Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization
  • NBFC Crisis in India
  • Affordable Healthcare: Modicare
  • Jio Business Model is destroying the Indian Tecome Industry.
  • Is AI Super Intelligence?
  • Is One Tax System, GST good for the Indian Economy?
  • Movie Censorship

Abstract Group Discussion Topics

Abstract Topics for GS Can be Quotes, phrases, assertions, and even idioms to express abstract ideas. Behind the stated abstract GD topic, the message is veiled. A few examples of Abstract GD Topics for MBA. Know expert-recommended CAT Preparation tips to ace this exam in one chance.

Abstract Group Discussion Topics (GD) 

Borderless world – a myth/reality?

Deadlines kill creativity 

Work-Life Balance is a Myth

Turn a blind eye

Knowledge vs Confidence

Rules are meant to be broken

Failure is proof that you tried


Colors Differentiate 

Life without phone

Top 5 Abstract GD Topics for MBA Answers

Sometimes the candidates may also face Abstract Topics in the Group Discussion round. Do not be confused with the topics, thinks very carefully and answer them smartly. Here our experts have listed some Abstract Group Discussion Topics with Answers. Go through it to get an overview.

GD Topic 1: Which One to Choose? Invention or Innovation.

In these days of globalization, Innovation and Invention are the two facets of a coin. Both are interconnected and equally important to reach the top peal in the business world. If a company follows only invention and there is no innovation, then that company can’t occupy the entire business market. Similarly, only innovations in the past inventions will not work in the progressive. Business companies must work on inventing new services with the installation of technological innovation to grab the world with profit. Download CAT Question Papers PDF for practicing.

Topic 2: How Do You Manage between Work and Life?

Managing the work and life together completely depends on the person. Yes, it is seen that most of the time the people blame their employer that they do not give any time to relax, or there is no work-life balance in their respective organizations. This is completely wrong because every company follows definite working hours for every job profile. After completing their daily allocations in this schedule, you can enjoy your personal life. But the fact is that employees are gossiping during office hours, and taking long breaks; thereby, their allocation is not completed. For this, they have to work beyond their working hours. I, personally believe that taking a break between the working hours is natural, but it should be my responsibility to manage daily work within the daily 8-9 hours of schedule.

Group Discussion Topic 3: Business Ethics vs Business Profit. Which one to choose?

Sometimes it becomes difficult which one to choose, ethics or profit. In the case of business, people always prefer profit over ethics because if you earn a profit, your business growth will be enhanced. Still, they forget the ethics, which is similarly important to maintaining value to customers and other business stakeholders. So, the duty of a manager should always be people-focused profit. Because if you give value to your stakeholders, you will automatically gain profit. You need not perform any extra duties for this, and rather your stakeholders will do everything for you. Check previous year’s CAT Cut Off.

Topic 4: Do Money can Bring Happiness?

Money is not the key to bringing happiness all around. Money can only help to fulfill the daily requirements as per needs. But it is not true that a person with a huge bank balance is happy. If you have money but you do not have any mental peace, it is impossible to be happy. Happiness is only caused by mental satisfaction. It may be related to personal life, love for family, and self-esteem. Sometimes a person with less money is also happy if they are satisfied with his earrings and daily life schedule.

GD Topic 5: First Impression is the Last Impression

Yes, the first impression always opens up the door to the path to success. Nobody wants to miss the opportunity to create an impression in the first chance, as it is always a decisive factor in determining whether the second chance or not. The first impression helps in the long-term professional engagement. But never be overconfident in your attitude, as overconfidence is the key to poor performance.

Group Discussion Topics on Business and Economy,

The candidates, must know and stay updated with all the financial updates and concepts associated with GD topics for MBA Finance. It will benefit you if you have sound knowledge of GST, present GDP, currency, renewable economy, and other concepts, including privatizations. Below are some Group Discussion Topics for Students who want to pursue MBA in Finance.

  • Technology vs Banking Sector
  • Will India become $5 by 2025?
  • Agriculture vs Manufacture
  • Impact of Economic Corruption
  • Income-Tax Surcharge for the Middle-Class Family
  • Impact of Merger and Acquisition in Private Banks

Controversial Group Discussion Topics for MBA Admission

There are some controversial GD Topics for MBA, which always create a debate during the Group Discussion. The exam authority prioritizes these Group Discussion Topics for Students to determine their personalities, like how calmly they handle the debating situation. So be aware of your behavior if you get this type of Group Discussion Topic for the MBA selection round. Below are some important GD Topics for MBA to create controversies among the candidates.

  • Is BitCoin Reliable to Invest?
  • Is Bollywood the Best Example of Nepotism?
  • Threat to Tradition: Sabarimala Verdict
  • Homosexuality is Legalized but not the Gay. Why?
  • Best Degree of Punishment for Acid Attackers and Rapists
  • Is Gene Editing Good for Future Human Society?
  • Is MBA Degree enough to Become a Good Business Leader?
  • Which one to choose? Fame or Money?
  • Do We need more Entrepreneurs than Managers to get Business Sucess?

Top 12 Group Discussion Topics with Answers

The candidates must know the approach to answer the GD Topics for MBA. They must learn it as the candidate’s personality is also evaluated in this round. Below are some important Group Discussion Topics and a brief overview of the answering approach. Download CAT Books PDF list.

Topic 1: Emergencies and Crisis – Is It Triggered for Big Reforms?

History reveals that most of the predicaments led to major reforms. Big reforms, including the End of Monarchy in France and the End of Slavery, have been achievable after great crises such as Revolutions, War, and other Socio-Political Issues. The candidates must note that these big reforms generally assist to making a solution for the crisis. If this solution becomes effective in the social environment, reforms will occur. So, there is a myth about which type of emergency and crisis is happening. Is it good for our society or not?

GD Topic 2: Is Education Required to Become a Great Personality?

Education opens up the thinking ability of candidates. Thereby, to change the personality, education is the weapon. The candidates must be educated enough to tell their views so that everybody can think about them and accept them. Education is very important for every aspect of our life. The candidates who understand the practical application of their education become great personalities in society. The main thing is that you have to make a connection between your education and societal aspects to make changes in it. Because sometimes it is important to understand how our life will become beautiful. That’s why an educated mind can create revolutionary transformations in society.

Topic 3: Atyanirbhar Bharat 

Literally, it means self-dependence, which is needed to enhance the economic situation of India. In this concept, small business start-ups in the village are prioritized so that we can share our village products in the international market to earn profit. However, business is not without challenges. The storage and transportation of those products become very difficult if the village is extremely remote.

Group Discussion Topic 4: Will Third World War Happen?

It is completely a prediction considering the world’s current situation and its climate and economy. Additionally, some people take the Covid-19 virus as a bio-weapon, which China uses to reduce the World’s population. This is quite controversial whether the war will happen or not in the future. The countries whose military power relies on commerce declare war, and then it will be quite difficult for the emerging countries to survive and create revolutionary changes in the world.

Topic 5: Russ-Ukraine War

Russia projected a military operation in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, as this neighboring country of Russia wants to join NATO. As it is known to all that Russ President Vladimir Putin is against the eastward expansion of NATO. So, several explosions have occurred in the cities of Ukraine. Some countries are also condemned for preparing any harsh sanctions against Russia. Due to these extreme consequences, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, declared that NATO is not prepared to accept Ukraine. So he will not be asking for NATO membership anymore.

Group Discussion Topic 6: 5G and Global Economy

5G, the First Generation Mobile Network, has more capacity than 4G. If multiple devices are connected to a single network, there will be no impact on the browsing speed. 5G network improves the productivity of the industries through its high-speed internet and innovations in internet services. The most important fact is that telemedicine facilities can also be improved, possibly impacting the global economy. Additionally, the smart sensors installed in 5G can prevent internet traffic. It can also create virtual work opportunities so that more employment can be created simultaneously. But one disadvantage will also be increased due to this 5G, which is Cybercrime. Cyberbullying, Website Hacking, and other illegal activities may increase shortly. Understand TISSNET Eligibility before apply for the exam.

Topic 7: Union Budget in India: 2022-2023

The recent Union Budget gave importance to the infrastructure to improve the economic conditions of India. It was presented on 1 February 2022 by our Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman. She said that online education in India is important. She proposed the DESH-Stack portal, a digital University collaborating with other Universities in India. The capital investment is also projected from 1.3% to 2.9%, which can create various job opportunities. Additionally, 1,24,00 Cr has been invested in the Indian agricultural projects, increasing 2% from the last year.

Topic 8: Industrial Revolution: Industry 5.0

It is the Fifth Industrial Revolution, which gives importance to the collaborative work of humans and machines. It aims to develop the technology in a human-centric way. Cobots. Generally known as Collaborative Robots, they are people-focused and can take care of every unsafe task. The Fifth Industrial Revolution focuses on environmental protection too by enhancing sustainable development and a circular business economy.

Group Discussion Topic 9: Web 3.0: Mission and Vission

It is developed using blockchain technologies, IOTs, and artificial intelligence. It is a decentralized web, uses peer-to-peer infrastructure, and ensures free speech. It is expected that Web 3.0 can improve the accuracy of the information by maintaining user privacy. There are concerns that the virtual worlds of web 3.0 will exacerbate internet addiction. Some argue that there is no certainty that web 3.0 will be controlled by large tech businesses. Check MAT Eligibility and be prepared for the upcoming exam.

Topic 10: Future of Cashless Society

It is an economic environment where you can use cashless financial transactions. It includes credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, and UPI. In recent days, cryptocurrencies and BitCoin are also being used for all cashless transactions in the international business and share markets. However, these are time-saving and leave digital footprints on every financial transaction. The customers can make easy international transactions as there is no need to exchange the currency. But increasing cyberattacks may create problems in a cashless society.

Topic 11: Omicron: The New Variant of Covid-19

is a highly-mutant coronavirus variant. The Researchers of South Africa detected this variant during the Genome Sequencing tracking process. The discovery of Omicron emphasizes the significance of increasing vaccination availability in low-income countries. Only 3% of persons in low-income nations have got two vaccination doses, compared to over 60% in high-income ones. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) established the COVAX programme to ensure that all countries have equal access to vaccines, it is falling short of its promise to vaccinate the entire world. It is doubtful that every country will reach its objective of vaccinating at least 40% of its people by the end of 2021. Vaccines are being hoarded in excess in several high-income nations.

GD Topic 12: Individual Work vs Team Work

In individual work, individual skills are finessed as you have to complete the entire work individually. Thus, the self-dependence of a person is increased, which is needed to guide the other people. It improves your knowledge and motivates you by wide recognition.

On the contrary, teamwork reduces the work stress through knowledge sharing between the members. Working in a team is also fun, and learning will be faster.

Group Discussion Topics PDF

The candidates preparing for the upcoming exam must be prepared well for GD Topics for MBA. Click on the link below to download Group Discussion Topics for MBA Preparation.

Download Group Discussion Topics PDF

Skill Evaluated by GD Topics for MBA

Group Discussion round is a very effective approach to judge candidates whether they can work in a group or not. Additionally, the panelist also evaluates the candidate’s personality and communication skills silently. Mostly, you must work on the below-mentioned skills to crack GD for the MBA selection round.

  • Communication Skills
  • Confidence at the time of Interacting with other candidates to discuss Group Discussion Topics
  • Leadership Skills
  • Analytical Abilities
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Decision-Making Ability
  • Flexibility
  • Common Courtesy
  • How Open-Minded you are to accept others’ opinions for given Group Discussion Topics

Tips to Ace Group Discussion Topics

Group Discussion Round is a free-flowing form of debate. Still, the candidates have to maintain some courtesy here. Keep the below points in your mind to ace Group Discussion Topics for MBA accurately and smartly. Check for MAT Question Papers and understand the difficulty level of the exam.

  • Act like a professional and do not shout over other candidates if you do not like their opinion. Be focused on your personality as it will be judged.
  • Listen to what others are saying. You can refer to the other points with your answers. Paying attention is very important to maintain the flow intact. 
  • Try to maintain a calm environment throughout the entire round. Whatever the situation, the candidate should avoid displeasure. Companies and Business Schools value this talent because it indicates that the candidate will not panic in stressful situations.
  • Quality matters a lot in GD Topics for MBA than quantity.
  • The candidates must be updated with the current events to answer the Group Discussion Topics for MBA. Go through CMAT Exam in detail.
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