CAT Score Vs Percentile 2023

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

CAT Score Vs Percentile: The most common question that arises in aspirants’ minds is ‘What is CAT 2023 Score vs Percentile’. The aspirants who are appearing for the CAT must know the difference between these two. CAT score is the score evaluated based on marks obtained in the exam, and the percentile is the relative score calculated based on the number of applicants appearing for the exam.

In simple words, the CAT 2023 Score vs Percentile is the measure of procuring a relative score by ranking a candidate on his/her performance compared to other candidates. The CAT percentile is much more important than the CAT score for screening candidates for GD-WAT-PI rounds. Read the article below to understand the difference between CAT Score vs Percentile.

What is CAT Score and How is it Evaluated?

The CAT Exam score is calculated according to the marking scheme of the exam. Let us see the following points mentioned below for evaluating the CAT score:

  • The CAT paper consists of 66 questions (as per the latest pattern seen in CAT 2022) and is divided into three sections: VARC-24, QA-22, and DILR-20
  • Each question carries +3 marks, and thus, the paper is of 198 marks
  • For each incorrect answer, one mark is deducted. There is no negative marking for unattempted and CAT Non MCQ Questions.
  • The sectional scores are added to form a total score out of 198 marks.

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What is CAT Percentile?

It adverts the total percentage of the candidates secured more or less than a particular candidate. For instance, if a candidate scores 90 percentile, then it means around 90% of the students have scored less than you or 10% are the candidates who have secured the position higher than you.

Imagine 10,000 students appeared in the exam and you bag the 2nd position, then your percentile will be: (9,998/10,000) *100= 99.8 percentile.

So, a candidate’s percentile is not based on his/her actual performance in the exam but the individual’s performance compared to other candidates.

How is CAT Percentile Evaluated?

Follow the steps listed below to calculate CAT Percentile:

  • Step 1-The first step is to figure out the number of candidates (N) who have appeared for the CAT examination in both shifts
  • Step 2- Take into consideration the marks of one of the sections of CAT. Let us take Quantitative Ability (QA) section
  • Step 3- Then, rank (R) all the aspirants by the marks obtained in QA. if a candidate has the same marks in the QA section, then they are allotted the same rank
  • Step 4- Compute the percentile (P) of the candidate with ranking (R) in the QA section as shown: P = (N-r)/N x 100
  • Step 5- Now, a round of the percentile of a particular candidate to two decimal points

Now, follow the same procedure to evaluate the percentile of all other sections as well as the overall CAT Percentile

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CAT Score Vs Percentile

A glance at the table provided below for the following years and fetch an idea of how many marks you need to achieve to secure the 90+ percentile.

Percentile Marks in Marks in Marks in Marks in Marks in Marks in Marks in
CAT 2022 CAT 2021 CAT 2020 CAT 2019 CAT 2018 CAT 2017 CAT 2016
Total Marks 198 198 228 300 300 300 300
99.9 110.72 120 131 196 192 208 191
99.5 93 107 115 170 170 183 168
99 82.5 97 102 157 155 173 153
95 60 71 77 120 125 139 123
90 48.5 59 63 90 110 121 108
80 35.5 45 49 75 80 98 84

Note: CAT 2020 had 76 questions rather than 100 questions like past year CAT exams; therefore, marks have dropped in the overall scores. Also, CAT 2020 reduced the time duration from 3 hours to 2 hours. The CAT pattern changed in CAT 2021 where 66 questions were asked. In CAT 2022 the pattern remained the same as CAT 2021.

What is CAT Scaled Score?

  • A scaled score is prepared by adjusting scale differences of score distribution across different slots’ question papers.
  • Calculating a scaled score in CAT is an intricate procedure involving various statistical equations.
  • Scaling is done to ensure fairness and equity among the candidates since CAT is conducted in two slots.
  • CAT Normalization score can be a little more or less than the raw score of the candidate
  • Based on scaled scores, a merit list is prepared for shortlisting the candidates for further WAT-PI rounds.

Parameters for CAT Composite Score Calculation

Only the candidates securing the minimum percentile will be considered for the calculation of the composite score for the WAT-PI round. Here are some parameters listed below according to which the CAT composite score is calculated.

  • Scaled CAT Score
  • Class 10th and 12th percentage
  • Graduation Marks (Aggregate)
  • Diversity Factor (Gender)
  • Work Experience (If any)
  • Diversity Factor: Academic Disciplines
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