Which of the following are NOT Sources of Secondary Data? a) Interview b) Questionnaire c) Observation d) Unpublished thesis e) Annual report Choose the correct option from the following:

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

  1. a, d and e
  2. b, c and d
  3. c, d and e
  4. a, b and c

Interview, Questionnaire and Observation (Option D) are NOT sources of secondary data.

Sources of Secondary Data

Data Collection Methods:

  1. To solve the research topic, data collection in statistics entails acquiring information from all pertinent sources.
  2. Evaluating the result of the issue is useful.
  3. Depending on the type of data, there are two categories of data gathering techniques:
  • Primary Data Collection methods
  • Secondary Data Collection methods

Primary Data collection methods (A) A type of information known as primary data or raw data is gleaned from a first-hand source through trials, surveys, or observations. The main data collection techniques are further divided into two categories. Those are

  • Quantitative Data Collection Methods
  • Qualitative Data Collection Methods

Qualitative Data Collection Methods

There are no mathematical computations involved. This method is strongly related to non-quantifiable components. Interviews, questionnaires, observations, case studies, and other techniques are used in this qualitative data collection method. There are numerous ways to gather this kind of information. Those are

Observational Method: When a study is related to behavioural science, the observational method is applied. This approach is methodically prepared. It is subject to several inspections and regulations. The various categories of observations include:

  • Structured and unstructured observation
  • Controlled and uncontrolled observation
  • Participant, non-participant, and disguised observation

Interview Method: the process of gathering data through verbal or oral responses. It is accomplished in two methods, including

  • Personal interview – In this style, the interviewee is obliged to question the subject directly in front of them. Personal interviews can be directed investigations, concentrated conversations, unstructured or organised interviews, etc.
  • Telephone interview: Using this technique, an interviewer contacts subjects over the phone and solicits their opinions or answers in person.

Questionnaire Method: The set of questions is mailed to the respondent using this technique. They should read the questionnaire, fill it out, and then send it back. On the form, the questions are printed in a specific order. The following qualities should be present in a good survey:

  • Short and simple
  • Should follow a logical sequence
  • Provide adequate space for answers
  • Avoid technical terms.


With a small exception, this technique is comparable to the questionnaire approach. The enumerations are scheduled specifically to finish the schedules. It clarifies the investigation’s goals and objectives and, if any misunderstandings have arisen, could help clear them up. Enumerations ought to receive training on how to carry out their duties patiently and diligently.

(B) Secondary Data Collection Methods

Secondary data is information gathered from sources other than the original user. It indicates that someone has previously analysed the material and it is already available. Books, journals, periodicals, and newspapers are examples of secondary data. Either published or unpublished data is possible.

Published data are available in various resources including

  • Government publications
  • Public records
  • Historical and statistical documents
  • Business documents
  • Technical and trade journals

Unpublished data includes

  • Diaries
  • Letters
  • Unpublished biographies etc.


Which of the following are NOT Sources of Secondary Data? a) Interview b) Questionnaire c) Observation d) Unpublished thesis e) Annual report Choose the correct option from the following:

a, b and c i.e. Interview, questionnaire and observation are NOT the sources of secondary data. The information which is gathered from sources apart from original user is a secondary data.

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