Difference Between Core Java and Advanced Java

By Mohit Uniyal|Updated : November 3rd, 2022

The Difference Between Core Java and Advanced Java is that core java is a language practised by the users to formulate the general application. In contrast, advanced java is used to formulate high-level applications. Java programming language is one of the complex programming languages that are used.

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Core Java and Advanced Java both are widely used programming language. Here, we will explore the difference between Core Java and Advanced Java in detail based on various factors along with explaining each in detail.

Difference Between Core Java and Advanced Java

Core Java and Advanced Java both are essential for GATE CSE exam perspective. The Core Java has thread concept, swings, AWT, etc. whereas the Advanced Java has applications used in enterprises and other web applications.

Key Differences Between Core Java and Advanced Java

Core JavaAdvanced Java
This part of Java programming language is used to construct the basic applications.Advanced java is used to build the advanced applications.
Core Java comprises Java Standard Edition(J2SE).Advacned Java comprises Java Enterprise Edition(J2EE).
Core Java is essential for all further versions of the languages and even Advanced Java as well.Adanced Java is the specialization of the Core Java hence requires it for basic functioning.
It has sections like data types, loops, threading, etc.All sections of Core Java along with web service, servlets, etc. are there.
Called "Stand Alone" language. It has only 1 tier.It has 2 tier known as backend and client end.

What is Core Java?

Core Java is the basic programming language used to build the basic and general applications. It is also called the Java Standard Edition(J2SE). OOP(object-oriented programming) and its concepts are used in this. Core Java and its concepts are essential for questions in the GATE question paper. Themain functions of OOP language are used here in Core Java are:

  • Encapsulation,
  • Polymorphism,
  • Abstraction, and
  • Inheritance

Core Java can be understood better with understanding the difference between Java and Core Java. As Java is the super set of Core Java, similarly the Core Java is super set of the Advanced Java.

What is Advanced Java?

The Advance Java is the upgraded and advance version of the Core Java. It is called Java Enterprise Edition(J2EE). Advaced Java is integral part of the GATE CSE syllabus. Advanced Java is also called the standard Java API.

The Advanced Java carried various topics such as web services, database connectivity, JSP, Servlets, EJB, etc. The reach of this language is up to DOM (web), Networking, Database, etc, which is very limited. All the advanced concepts of the Java are covered in this programming language.

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FAQ on difference between Core Java and Advanced Java

  • The difference between Core Java and Advanced Java is that Core Java is the superset of Advanced Java. Advanced Java is the modified and advanced version of Core Java. The complexed programs can be written using the Advanced Java programming languages.

  • The Difference Between Core Java and Advanced Java as per the tier is that in Core Java, only one tier exists, whereas, in Advanced Java, there are two different tiers. The Core Java is therefore called a stand-alone language. The two-tier in Advanced Java are the client-end and back-end.

  • Core Java is the programming language to formulate and create basic applications. The core Java version is nothing but Java Standard Edition. Object-oriented programming is used in core Java.

  • Advanced Java is the upgraded Core Java version. It is used to formulate the enterprise level of the applications and programs. Advanced Java is a subset of Java programming language.

  • The J2SE is known as the core Java. The difference between core Java and Java is that Core Java is an advanced version of the Java programming language with a larger range and easier concept involvement.

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