NDA Maths Questions: Download Maths Questions with Solutions PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

In this post, we have provided the most important NDA Maths Questions asked in the exam. Get the complete list of topic-wise NDA Maths questions and answers PDF for the upcoming exam preparation here. NDA Mathematics is an important paper in the exam consisting of 300 questions in total carrying a maximum of 900 marks. Candidates need to have an excellent command of Mathematics to qualify for the exam.

To help students with exam preparation, we are providing you with important NDA Maths questions PDF in English and Hindi which will be helpful in the upcoming exam which is all set to be held on 16 April 2023.

NDA Maths Questions PDF

The NDA Exam will be held on 16 April 2023. There are going to be 120 NDA Maths questions asked in the written exam. In this article we are sharing 100+ important NDA Maths questions of Calculus, Trigonometry, Probability, Co-ordinate geometry, Matrices & Determinants, etc. Candidates can download the NDA Maths questions PDF in English and Hindi from the links provided below:

NDA Mathematics Questions Download PDF
NDA Maths Questions in English Download Here
NDA Maths Questions in Hindi To be Updated

Frequently Asked NDA Maths Questions

Here, we are sharing the NDA Maths important questions with detailed solutions. The solutions to these NDA Maths questions are provided in the PDF above.

1. Which one of the following is the second degree polynomial function f(x) where f(0) = 5, f(-1) = 10 and f(1) = 6?

  1. 5x2 – 2x + 5
  2. 3x2 – 2x – 5
  3. 3x2 – 2x + 5
  4. 3x2 – 10 + 5

2. Read the following information and answer the three items that follow:

A curve y = memx where m > 0 intersects y-axis at a point 

2. What is the slope of the curve at the point of intersection P?

  1. m
  2. m2
  3. 2m
  4. 2m2

3. What is the equation of tangent to the curve at P?

  1. y = mx + m
  2. y = -mx + 2m
  3. y = m2x + 2m
  4. y = m2x + m

4. What is [fo(fof)](2) equal to?

  1. 2
  2. 8
  3. 16
  4. 256

5. Let u = (log2x)2 –6log2x +12, where x is a real number. Then , the given equation xu = 256 .

  1. No solution for x
  2. Exactly one solution for x
  3. Exactly two distinct solution for x
  4. Exactly three distinct solution for x

6. Convert 101101 from binary to decimal.

  1. 45
  2. 56
  3. 61
  4. 72

7. Add the following unsigned binary numbers 10010 and 1110.

  1. 100110
  2. 100001
  3. 100000
  4. 100011

8. Multiply the following unsigned binary numbers: 110 and 11.

  1. 10011
  2. 10010
  3. 11110
  4. 10110

Tips to Prepare NDA Maths Questions

Candidates preparing for the exam must have an idea about how to prepare for NDA Maths questions. To score 150+ marks in the Maths Paper, follow the tips listed below:

  • Candidates must be well aware of the NDA Exam Pattern and syllabus of the Mathematics Paper of the exam.
  • Sort out the resources of Maths for the exam. Start with the NCERTs and then move to advanced books like RS Aggarwal, etc.
  • Go through the NDA Previous Year Question Papers for trend analysis.
  • Watch live classes for better conceptual understanding. You can take the help of a mentor to clear your doubts.
  • Revision is most important for success. Candidates should make class notes, note down important NDA Maths formulae on a sheet and review them on a frequent basis.

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