Tips to Write Argument for CAPF AC 2023 Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Tips to Write Argument for CAPF 2023: Argument/ Counter Argument-based questions are asked in Paper 2 of UPSC CAPF AC Written Examination. In this article, we will tell you some tips to write the argument and counter-argument to fetch good marks.

In general, there will be 2 such questions in the paper of 20 marks each. Important tips to write a good argument are mentioned below.

Best Tips to Write Argument for CAPF AC Exam

1. Sources to improve the information

  • To write arguments and counter-arguments about a topic, Information related to that topic is a primary requirement.
  • Newspapers are the best source of information to have detailed information about any contemporary issue/ topic.
  • As this type of question demands analysis of a topic from multiple angles, it is better to collect information about one topic from multiple sources.
  • Rajya Sabha TV/ Lok Sabha TV debates can be an alternative source of information to have points in favor/against for any particular topic.

2. Question Bank

  • The candidate should make a list of current affairs topics for which argument-based questions can be asked.
  • To make such a list, the student should follow the current affairs regularly. In addition to this, he can take the help of various coaching material/ books to make a list of probable topics.
  • After making a list, the Student should make short notes (points in favor/against) for each topic.
  • It can help students in two ways: One, he can find at least one familiar topic in the Examination. Two, It will develop the skill of analyzing the topic from all perspectives.

3. Structure

  • The structure of these types of answers is similar to the other answers that mean it should have three parts: Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion.
  • In these types of questions, the candidate should write a small introduction with informative knowledge about the topic. The candidate should not devote more than two/three lines to an introduction.
  • Arguments/Counterarguments should be written in the main body in tabular/bullet points format. One should avoid using paragraphs to write arguments/counter-arguments.
  • The conclusion should be small and crisp. It should reflect your opinion about the topic.

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4. Quality of Arguments/Counter Argument

  • Every argument/ counter-argument should be explained properly.
  • Every argument/ counter-argument should be substantiated by authentic facts/ data/ opinion/ concept.

5. Balanced Approach

  • The candidate should adopt a balanced approach while writing arguments and counter-argument.
  • One should not use extreme arguments and counter-arguments.
  • If a candidate has to write against any government initiative/action/program, he should do the positive criticism.

6. World Limit

  • As only 200 words are available to complete your answer, one should write more than 4-5 arguments and counter-arguments.
  • One should strictly avoid crossing the word limit.

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