CAPF AC Report Writing Tips: Format, Sample

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

CAPF AC Report Writing is considered one of the very important topics for all those who dream of joining CAPF as an Assistant Commandant. CAPF report writing is a part of the Paper 2 which consists of General Studies, Essay and  Comprehension. The report writing section consists of 2 choices and out of which you have to write a report on any one of the given topics.

In this article, we will discuss CAPF AC report writing tips, sample, and format that every aspirant must follow to clear the Paper 2.

CAPF Report Writing

A CAPF Report Writing is a formal written account of something that has been observed, heard, accomplished or researched. CAPF report writing is a systematic and well-organized presentation of the facts and results of a case that took place somewhere already.

Essential Elements for CAPF AC Report Writing

Reports are written with a great deal of analysis. The purpose of report writing in the CAPF AC Exam is essential to inform the reader of a subject, except for one’s opinion on the subject. CAPF report writing is just a depiction of facts. 

  • Major Flow of Report should be – Introduction, body, conclusion and summary. The design is fairly crisp with a title page, numbered subheadings, clear bullet points, suggestions, references, appendices, dates and timings that are reported precisely at times, etc.
  • All the facts that are presented by you should be bias-free but should be 100% accurate. After completion of the quiz, proofread and cross-check your facts so that you avoid writing anything incorrect.

CAPF Report Writing Format

The following is the format of CAPF report writing:

  1. Title/Heading
  2. Name of the writer/reporter
  3. Date & Place
  4. Content:
    • Para I: Introductory para mentioning the day, date, place, what, and timings.
    • Para II : Brief detail about place/cause/consequence/effects/guests
    • Para III: Main steps/people involved/activities
    • Para IV: Concluding Para Reactions/statement of people/promises by authorities

Tips on Report Writing CAPF

Candidates can check the following tips to prepare for CAPF report writing:

  • Make sure you use language that suits your target audience. It is not advisable to use complicated vocabulary to address kids.
  • Write the report in paragraphs.
  • Practice question papers from the past year.
  • Read as many samples as you can. It will give you an idea as to how they are actually written.

Read the query at least twice and highlight the data that is essential. The issue must be understood and read between the lines.

  1. Plan ahead – Just create a list on the rough sheet of all your important points (the last sheet of your answer booklet) so you don’t forget the appropriate points while writing. This also enables you to maintain a sequence.
  2. Presentation is of utmost importance
  3. To make it look clean, leave a sufficient amount of lines between paragraphs
  4. It is very essential to highlight the primary points. But after completing your test, it’s advisable to do it. Use a pencil and scale to emphasize
  5. Make little phrases. It limits the grammatical inaccuracies scope

Some important points that one needs to keep in mind while solving CAPF report writing questions:

  • You have to write 2 reports on 10 Marks each.
  • The format of CAPF report writing is very essential. Many people do not know the format of report writing. 
  • Don’t write the report’s conclusion.
  • Complete the report with approximately 200 words

Sample of CAPF Report Writing

Below the candidates can check the sample questions of CAPF report writing:

Q1: Write a report writing for stone-pelting incidents in Jammu & Kashmir

The Correspondent


Sunday Issue Special

Srinagar, July 12th, 2022

Kashmir valley is facing the problem of terrorism for a long time and people living there and security forces are bearing the brunt of the terrorism. 

The problem of terrorism started with the independence of India and the making of Pakistan as a separate country. Due to the majority of the Muslim population, Pakistan wanted Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan, for that, both countries fought wars as well but with no result. In recent times security forces in Kashmir are facing a unique kind of challenge of stone-pelting. Local in the valley are pelting stones on Security forces.

The problem got intensified when in July, security forces killed a young terrorist commander in the encounter. Due to external support and internal instigation from some of the separatist groups in the valley, many youths are motivated to be part of a terrorist organisation and the common man and school-going children and even women many times throw stones at security forces. In response security forces fire tear gas shells and pellet bullets due to which thousands got injured. Many security persons also got injured, in extreme cases security forces also fire on the crowd in which some people got killed as well. This is a unique type of challenge faced in Kashmir, however, TVSN Prasad committee in place of Pellet recommended to use PAVA shells which are less lethal. But that is not the main issue, a major challenge is to make peace in the valley.

Stone pelting is emerging as the major challenge in J&K and this is creating law and order problems to hamper the developmental work in the state. The common man and Security forces on the ground are facing the hardship of the ongoing unrest in the state.

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