AFCAT Maths Questions: Important Shortcuts, Formulae, and Tricks

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

AFCAT Maths Questions are asked under the Numerical Ability section, with topics such as Decimals, Profit & Loss, Fractions, Percentage, etc. With enough reasoning ability, fast calculation, and problem-solving techniques up your sleeve, you can easily score 100% marks in this subject. Our shortcuts and tricks will not only save you time but also will help you to improve your accuracy. These tricks can even help you save a significant amount of time on your AFCAT Maths preparation.

Approximately 20 AFCAT Maths questions will be asked in the exam and by solving more than 15 questions, you can score 50 to 60 marks easily. The scope of getting a high score in this section is immense; you just need to use certain tricks, and shortcuts to cut your time in solving the questions. Here, we have discussed some of the best shortcuts, AFCAT Maths formulas and tricks curated by subject experts.

Important Shortcuts & Formulae for AFCAT Maths Questions

Shortcut tricks are one of the most useful techniques to crack AFCAT Maths questions as they can help you with effective time management. If you know time management, everything will be easier for you. For more effective preparation, you can also check AFCAT Books. Now, let’s discuss some important AFCAT Maths formulas and shortcuts for the upcoming exam:

AFCAT Maths Preparation: Decimal Fraction

To solve AFCAT Maths questions in the exam, you must prepare for the decimals topic. In a decimal fraction, the denominator is an integer power of ten and it is expressed by using decimal notation, where the denominator is not clearly mentioned. Examples of decimal fraction are: 1/10 = .1, 1/100 = .01.

Now, let’s talk about another decimal topic that is important for AFCAT Maths preparation – how to convert a decimal into a common fraction. Let’s put 1 in the denominator under the decimal point and after the decimal point put as many zeros as the number of digits and reduce the fraction to its lowest term and remove the decimal point. For examples: 0.5 = 5/10=½.

AFCAT Maths Questions: Basic Formulae

Here, we have given some of the basic formulae that you must be a part of your AFCAT Maths preparation. Make sure that you note these formulae down, and memorize them. Check out the most important AFCAT Maths formulae for the upcoming AFCAT Exam below:

  1. (a + b)(a – b) = (a2 – b2)
  2. (a + b)2 = (a2 + b2 + 2ab)
  3. (a – b)2 = (a2 + b2 – 2ab)
  4. (a + b + c)2 = a2 + b2 + c2 + 2(ab + bc + ca)
  5. (a3 + b3) = (a + b)(a2 – ab + b2)
  6. (a3 – b3) = (a – b)(a2 + ab + b2)
  7. (a3 + b3 + c3 – 3abc) = (a + b + c)(a2 + b2 + c2 – ab – bc – ac)
  8. When a + b + c = 0, then a3 + b3 + c3 = 3abc.

AFCAT Maths Preparation: Simplification

One of the first things to do to solve AFCAT Maths questions quicker is to learn the rule of ‘BODMAS’: The rule of ‘BODMAS’ is an easy way to learn simplification. The full form of the ‘BODMAS’ rule is B-Bracket, O-Of, D-Division, M-Multiplication, A-Addition, S-Subtraction

So, when you are simplifying a problem first remove all the brackets and follow the orders like ‘of’, ‘division’, ‘multiplication’, and at last ‘subtraction’ accordingly.

AFCAT Maths Questions: Average

Here, we have discussed the topic of ‘Averages’ for AFCAT Maths preparation. The average is equal to the total of observations or the number of observations. Suppose a train runs and covers a certain distance at x kmph and with an equal distance at y kmph. Then, during the whole journey, the average speed of the train would be (2xy/x+y) kmph.

AFCAT Maths Preparation: Percentage

One of the most important topics in the Numerical Ability section is percentages. AFCAT Maths questions will definitely be asked on this topic. So, candidates should know the shortcuts to solving AFCAT Maths questions on percentages. We have given the details of the same below:

  • Percentage means many hundreds. For example, x% means x hundreds and it should be written as x%=x/100
  • x/y can be expressed as (x/y x 100)%
  •  The Increase/Decrease of percentage: When the quantity grows, then we can assume its percent increase. And when the quantity shrinks then its percentage decrease.
  • Result on Depreciation: Suppose the present value of a product is M. If it depreciates at the rate of N% per annum. Then the value of that product after N years = M (1-(N/100) n.

AFCAT Maths Questions: Ratio & Proportion

The concept of the ratio can be expressed in the fraction as X: Y. Here, X is the antecedent and Y is the consequent. For example: In the ratio of 1:2, 1 is the antecedent, and 2 is the consequent. Next, for AFCAT Maths preparation, we need to talk about proportions; if two ratios are equal then they are proportional. For example – a: b=c: d. Here, in this example, we can say a, b, c, and d are in proportion and a and d are called extremes, while b and c are called mean terms.

AFCAT Maths Preparation: Simple Interest 

Simple Interest (S.I.): It is a very easy method of calculating interests based on the Principal amount of a deposit. Let Principal = P, Rate = R% (p.a.) and Time = T years. Then Simple Interest = PRT/100

AFCAT Maths Questions: Profit and Loss

Here are some basic mathematical formulas that are relevant for AFCAT Maths preparation. Try to practice these formulas every day and solve the numerical ability problems in your exam. Take note of the formulae given below:

  • Cost Price is the price at which a product is purchased (C.P).
  • Selling Price is the price at which a product is sold (S.P).
  • Profit or Gain: If S.P is greater than C.P then the seller has a profit or gain.
  • Loss: If S.P is less than C.P then the seller has a loss.
  • Loss or gain is always based on C.P.
  • Profit = (S.P.) – (C.P.)
  • Loss = (C.P.) – (S.P.)
  • Suppose, a product is sold at a profit of 10%, then S.P. = 110% of C.P.
  • Suppose, a product is sold at a loss of 20% then S.P. = 80% of C.P.

Best Tips & Tricks for AFCAT Maths Preparation

Preparing for Maths can be daunting for some candidates and solving AFCAT Maths questions might not be everyone’s cup of tea. For scoring high marks in the AFCAT Maths section of your exam, try to follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Solve online AFCAT Mock Tests and previous year’s papers. If you do this before the exam all your doubts will clear and you will become more confident about appearing for the exam.
  • Time management is very important for solving mathematical problems. Never stuck in one problem for more than 2 minutes. Leave the question if you cannot solve it.
  • Learn all the mathematical formulas by heart and apply shortcuts to solve every mathematical problem.
  • Attempt profit and loss questions first as this is less time-consuming and you can easily score marks.

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