DBT JRF Analysis 2023: Difficulty Level, Good Attempts

DBT JRF Analysis 2023: Difficulty Level, Good Attempts

ByRenuka Miglani  |  Updated on: May 13, 2023
Candidates can find a detailed sectional DBT JRF Exam analysis 2023 done by experts. Check the difficulty level and number of good attempts to get a better idea about the exam.

A detailed DBT JRF Exam Analysis 2023 is provided on this page for the exam held on 13 May 2023. The exam analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the exam, including the difficulty level of each section, the type of questions asked, and the weightage of each topic. It helps candidates in identifying the areas where they need to improve their preparation and focus their efforts on these areas.

Our experts have curated the DBT JRF Analysis 2023 to provide deep insights into the expected cutoff marks for the 2023 cycle and the difficulty level of the exam, which can help candidates plan their next steps.

DBT JRF Exam Analysis 2023

The Department of Biotechnology conducted the DBT JRF exam on 13 May 2023 in two shifts. DBT JRF is a fellowship exam conducted by the Department of Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India for the students looking for research work in biotechnology.

Read on to know the detailed DBT JRF analysis 2023 and review of the JRF BET Exam. The detailed exam analysis includes the level of the test, different types of questions asked in the exam, good attempts, section-wise analysis, and more. Stay tuned for the upcoming exam analysis.

DBT JRF BET Analysis 2023 Highlights

The important points of the exam are discussed here. Check the DBT JRF 2023 key highlights. 

  • The level of the exam will be discussed here.
  • The number of questions is revised to 60.
  • DBT JRF is conducted in online mode. 

DBT JRF Exam Overview

Mode of the DBT JRF Exam

Online mode

Number of Sections


Number of Questions


Questions to Attempt 


Negative Marking

1/3 of the marks of the question

Number of Choices


Duration of the exam

180 minutes

Test type



English Language 

DBT JRF GAT-B Analysis: Difficulty Level

Here we have provided the difficulty level of the DBT JRF exam for each section for both the BET and GAT B question papers. It is highly recommended that candidates read the DBT JRF exam analysis to assess their performance and make the necessary changes in their preparation strategy for future exams.

DBT JRF BET Analysis: Difficulty Level

As per the aspirants who took the exam, the BET question paper was moderate in difficulty. Section A which is the General Aptitude and General Biotechnology section was fairly easy. On the other hand, section B, which revolves around specialized areas of Biotechnology, was moderately difficult.


Difficulty Level

Section A (General Aptitude and General Biotechnology)


Section B (Specialized areas of Biotechnology)




DBT JRF GAT-B Analysis: Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of the GAT B question paper was also moderate overall, with section A being easy to moderate and section B being moderately difficult for the candidates.


Difficulty Level

Section A 

Easy to Moderate

Section B 





DBT JRF Analysis 2023: Good Attempts

The number of good attempts in an exam analysis may vary depending on various factors such as the difficulty level of the exam, the total number of questions, the marks allotted to each question, and the cutoff marks for the exam. As per the DBT JRF BET exam analysis and review shared by the students for the exam, the number of good attempts are shared in the table below. Here's the updated information on good attempts.

Number of Good Attempts for DBT JRF GAT B 2023

As per the feedback received by the students, the number of good attempts in shift 1 varied for sections A and B. In section A, the number was between 20-30, whereas, for section B, the number of good attempts was 30 for the GAT B exam.


Good Number of attempts (Shift 1)

General aptitude and general Biotechnology (Section A) 


General aptitude and general Biotechnology (Section B)


Number of Good Attempts for DBT JRF BET 2023

For the BET question paper, we have summarized the feedback received by aspirants below. The number of good attempts for section A and B was quite high.


Good Number of Attempts (Shift 2)

Specialized areas of Biotechnology (Section A)


Specialized areas of Biotechnology (Section B)


Expected DBT JRF Cut Off 2023

DBT JRF 2023 Expected Cut Off for Biotechnology will be shared here. The expected DBT JRF Cut Off is based on the analysis done by our experts and the previous year's trends. Checking the expected cutoff for an exam helps candidates to estimate their chances of qualifying for the exam. The cutoff marks are the minimum marks that a candidate needs to obtain to be eligible for the next round of the selection process or to qualify for the exam.

DBT JRF Analysis 2023 - Question Asked

Check some of the section-wise questions asked by the department for the Junior Research Fellowship program here.

DBT JRF 2023 Memory-Based Questions (General aptitude and general Biotechnology)

Q. Which technique is to be used for isoelectric point?

a) a gell filtration

b) affinity chromatography

c) ion exchange

d) chromatography

Q. In bacteria, vitamins are used for?

a) growth factor

b) electron donor

Q. Gamma interferon is detected by which technique?

Q. Sulfur is present on which amino acids?

Q. BCG is which type of vaccine?

Referring to DBT JRF Previous Year Question Paper is also recommended for candidates preparing for the exam to understand the trends and difficulty level of the exam.

DBT JRF Marking Scheme

The analysis gives an idea about the difficulty level and the competition level of the exam. Candidates can check the DBT JRF exam pattern and marking scheme below:

SectionQuestionsNo. of. Questions to be AttemptedMarksDuration

Section A

(General aptitude and general Biotechnology)



(All compulsory)

3*50 = 1503 Hours

Section B

(Specialized areas of Biotechnology)



(Any 50 out of 150 questions)

3*50 = 150
Total2001003*100 = 300 Marks

FAQs on DBT JRF Exam Analysis

  • The DBT JRF Exam Analysis is a process to analyze the questions asked in the exam from different topics and sections. The experts analyze each question in terms of difficulty level, and concepts involved. You will get the level of the exam, good attempts, etc after the DBT JRF 2023 exam.

  • The detailed DBT JRF BET exam analysis 2023 is shared by the experts of BYJU'S Exam Prep on this page for the exam held on 13 May 2023. The analysis of DBT JRF includes detailed questions asked from each topic along with the good attempts, difficulty level, weightage, memory-based questions, expected cutoff, and more.

  • The overall difficulty level of the DBT JRF 2023 Exam Analysis is moderate as per the feedback shared by the candidate who appeared for the examination. The difficulty level is a subjective topic as it depends on the candidate's DBT JRF preparation.

  • As per the DBT JRF analysis, the exam's good attempts is different for both GAT B and BET question paper. Going by the feedback shared by the candidates, the number of good attempts was higher for the BET exam. Good attempts signify the number of questions candidates solved with accuracy.

  • No, the level of the exam remains similar as all the questions are framed from the same syllabus. The overall level of the exam remains Moderate to Difficult level each year depending on how well you are prepared. We will update the latest difficulty level soon.

  • No there is no change in the number of questions or the paper pattern for this year. The department release the pattern at the start of the exam cycle by releasing the official notification. If there is any change the authorities will notify on the portal otherwise questions format will remain the same.