Which Software Provides an Interface Between Hardware and User?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The software which provides an interface between hardware and user is operating software or OS and its functions are:

  • Hiding the complexness of hardware from the user.
  • Managing the hardware’s resources. Hardware resources include memory, processors, memory, I/O devices, and data storage.
  • Handling “disturbance” generated by the Input and Output controllers.
  • Sharing of I/O between CPU and many programs.
  • There are two types of software: System Software and Application Software.

Operating System is a set of programs that operates computer hardware and provides data for application software. In other words operating system works as the interface between input/output and hardware. 


Which Software Provides an Interface Between Hardware and User?

Hardware refers to tangible elements of a computer and also the equipment of the computer such as the keyboard, mouse, keyboard and processing unit. However, there are few computer hardware that is inside the computer and cannot be seen.

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