68th BPSC Prelims Exam Analysis 2023: GS Paper Review, Level, Question Asked

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) completed the 68th BPSC exam 2023 for Prelims on 12 February 2023 in a single shift. The exam was scheduled from 12 PM to 2 PM and consisted of a General Studies (GS) paper. Candidates can view the 68th BPSC exam analysis 2023, conducted by BYJU’S Exam Prep experts after the exam has been successfully completed on the exam date, by clicking here.

The detailed paper review that determines the exam difficulty level is covered in the 68th BPSC exam analysis. Candidates can view the BPSC exam’s subject-wise paper review, difficulty level, and subject-wise weightage. You can also obtain the live 68th BPSC exam analysis, which will help determine your eligibility for the next stage.

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68th BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 – Exam Timing, Shift

The 68th BPSC exam was held from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. in 38 districts across Bihar at 1153 exam centers. According to the schedule below, over 7 lakh candidates will appear for the Prelims exam.

Exam Date

Entry Closing Time

Exam Timing
12 February 2023

11 AM

12 PM to 2 PM

68th BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 YouTube Session

BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have shared the live BPSC exam analysis with candidates who are appearing or preparing for the upcoming 68th BPSC exam here so that they can understand the 68th BPSC exam analysis 2023. You will be able to interact with the teachers and get any questions answered during the live 68th BPSC exam review.

68th BPSC Exam Analysis 12 February 2023 – Prelims Highlights

After the exam, candidates can view the highlights of the 68th BPSC exam analysis 2023 here. The major reviews of the BPSC GS paper are discussed further below.

Will Share after the exam:

68th BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 Difficulty Level

The Bihar and Indian History, Geography, Economy, Polity, General Science, Current Affairs, and other topics are covered in the BPSC exam, as candidates are already aware. As a result, in the table below, you can check the subject-wise paper review.

The table below has been updated following the completion of the exam on 12th February.


Number of Questions

Difficulty Level

History and A&C

30 Moderate


10 Easy to Moderate


10 Moderate to Difficult


9 Moderate to Difficult

General Science

30  Easy

Current Affairs (National + International)

35  Moderate to Difficult

Bihar Specific

20  Moderate

Aptitude & Reasoning

10  Moderate



 Moderate to Difficult

68th BPSC Paper Analysis 2023 – Questions Asked

We have shared all the questions asked in the 68th BPSC Preliminary Exam on 12 February 2023, subject by subject.

Subjects Questions Asked
Current Affairs (National + International)
  • What was the name of the last module launched by China’s Theogong Space station?
  • Who was the DRDO chairman?
  • Which ministry organized Yuva 2.0?
  • At which IIT did, President inaugurate the “param Kamroop” Supercomputer?


  • Which is the oldest Church of Bihar?​
  • Which Magzine was edited by Abdul Kalam Azad?
  • Who founded Swarag Dal?
  • In the 1906 Kolkata Session, organized by Indian National Congress, who hosted the Swaraj flag?
  • During Delhi Sultanate’s reign, for what position the word “Makkadam Ka Chaudhari” was used?
  • Who founded Vikramshila University?
  • In ancient times, what was the name of the southern region of Ganga?


  • Where the prime minister inaugurated the first green field airport, “Dony polo airport”?
  • To whom is the council of the ministry of state collectively responsible?
General Science
  • Part of the skeleton which can bend. (Ans. Cartiledge).​
  • In lichen, a chlorophyll-containing partner, _______ live together. (Ans. Algae and Viruses).
Bihar Economy
  • What is the Aim of SEZ Act, of 2005?
  • Which Committee suggested enacting the Competition Act, of 2002?
Aptitude & Reasoning
  • A rectangle has an area of 30 cm2 and a perimeter of 26 cm. Its sides (in cm) are: (Ans. 10, 3).
  • A shopkeeper offers a 10% discount on an item with a marked price of Rs. 400. If he charges 10% GST, then the final price of the item is. (Ans. 396).

68th BPSC Question Paper 2023 – BPSC Prelims Paper

After the exam, candidates can download the 68th BPSC question paper 2023 by clicking on the link provided below. The BPSC General Studies paper for Sets A, B, C, and D is available here.

⇒ 68th BPSC Prelims Question Paper 2023 PDF 

68th BPSC Answer Key 2023

The 68th BPSC Preliminary Examination, which will be held on February 12th, will consist of four papers: papers A, B, C, and D. The BPSC Prelims exam consists of 150 questions worth 150 marks. By clicking on the link provided below, you can obtain detailed information for the answer key for all of the set papers in the preliminary exam.

⇒ 67th BPSC Prelims Answer Key 2023

68th BPSC Expected Cut Off 2023

Based on exam analysis, BYJU’s Exam Prep team has calculated the BPSC expected cutoff marks for the 68th BPSC 2023 exam. Check out the article below to find out what the expected cutoff for the BPSC 2023 exam is for each stage of the 68th BPSC exam.

68th BPSC Cut Off 2023

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