IPMAT Preparation Tips 2022: Strategy for IIM Indore and Rohtak

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: January 2nd, 2024
IPMAT Preparation Tips 2022 surely help you crack the IPMAT IIM Indore exam and IPMAT IIM Rohtak. Get the IPMAT section-wise preparation tips and best preparation strategy for the exam.
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Useful tips for IPMAT Preparation 2022 for each section are provided to help all the candidates to crack the IPMAT exam. To aid you in your journey to secure your admission through the IPMAT Entrance Test in the year 2022, BYJU’s Exam Prep experts have curated IPMAT Preparation Strategy for IIM Rohtak and IIM Indore to provide you with the Strategy to prepare for the upcoming IPMAT 2022. If you follow the correct strategy to the end you will surely crack the entrance exam easily.

IPMAT Preparation Tips and Strategy 2022

IPMAT Preparation Tips 2022 are very helpful for a lot of candidates who had cleared the exam in past years. A lot of candidates appear for the IPMAT exam every year but a handful of candidates make the merit list. To help the serious candidates we have provided the proven strategy that will help you in getting admission to IIM Rohtak or Indore. 

IPMAT is Integrated Program in Management (IPM) Aptitude Test conducted by IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak separately to select candidates for the 5 years program that offers dual degrees i.e. BBA and MBA Degrees for the 12th passed students. The selection process for IPMAT 2022 is based on IPMAT following an interview process. Over the last few years, there has been a steady rise in IPMAT, hence, the competition in this exam category has risen.

IPMAT Quantitative Ability Preparation Tips 2022

Quantitative Ability is the toughest part and you need to have hands-on practice to clear the same. First and foremost, build a strong grasp on the conceptual knowledge of each topic of this section. You should be well versed in the calculations and tricks to solve the questions.

  • A few important topics are Data Interpretation, Quadratic Equation, Number Series, Data Sufficiency, Simplification/Approximation, Mensuration, Profit and Loss, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Time and Work, Mixture problems, Quadratic equation, Pie Chart, Mixed Graph, Line Graph, Bar Graph, Probability, etc.
  • The questions asked will be of a preliminary level which can be solved easily.
  • The applicants must not indulge themselves in new concepts just before the examination; instead, revise the basic formulas and concepts that they are familiar with.

To excel in this section, the mathematical concepts ought to be clear and calculations should be fast. This can be achieved through constant practice.

The sole purpose of this section is to check the numerical ability of the candidate. The mathematical questions would be from the 11th & 12th standard, from the topics which included Profit and Loss, Percentage, Time Speed and Distance, Ratios, Algebra and Average, and a bit of matrix along with calculus.

It is not compulsory to attempt all the questions but it’s important to correctly attempt the questions. This section has a huge role to play in your time management for attempting the rest of the questions.

Also Check, IPMAT Exam Pattern 2022 for better preparation for the exam.

IPMAT Verbal Ability Preparation Tips

IPMAT Reading Comprehension Preparation

  • Read the newspaper daily, This will enhance your reading skills, and sometimes areas on social issues are also asked.
  • Don’t waste away much of your time on a particular question.
  • Challenge the questions in the last where you have to find correct/incorrect words/phrases/answers from the passage.
  • Try to crack Antonyms and Synonyms as they do not spend much time.

IPMAT Cloze Test Preparation

  • Its options may look a bit confusing, but once you get acquainted with the concept behind the passage, you will be able to solve it quickly.
  • Read the passage meticulously to get the message following the passage asked.
  • If there is any doubt, leave out the question and move on to the next one.
  • Regular practice is crucial to solving the cloze test with100% accuracy.
  • There may be chances that the new model Cloze Test will be asked in the exam.

IPMAT Double Fillers Preparation

  • Read the sentence meticulously to get the idea.
  • Check the second part to know what precisely the meaning is.
  • Implement an odd-one-out strategy to find the correct answers.
  • Precision is the key, so better be sure while making guesses.

Sentence Correction/Sentence Improvement/Phrase Replacement Preparation

  • Read the sentence thoroughly and remember all the basic grammar rules to spot the error.
  • Always verify each option. as there can be an option very close together to the answers to confuse you.
  • Even when the original sentence seems fair, check the options carefully and verify the correct choice.
  • Remove all of the choices that contain that error while you locate each error.

Spotting Error or Error Detection Preparation

  • To answer questions on identifying errors, the first step should be reading the whole sentence carefully. In most cases, you will uncover the error probably in one go.
  • You must carefully check the subject-verb agreement while reading the entire sentence.
  • If you are still unable to detect the error or you are unsure of the correct answer, then you must read each part of the sentence and closely check which part consists of an error.

Sentence Rearrangement/ Para Jumbles Preparation

  • Firstly, read the complete passage properly to find out the theme of the passage given.
  • Check out the specific sentence; it’ll help you find the lead.
  • Find out the sentences connecting or those which seem to have a connection with other sentences.
  • Identify the pair while looking for some cause, effect, and problem and then look for its solution.
  • At last, find the message, result and conclusion mainly speak for the passage. (particular words – thus, therefore, hence, however, so, etc.)

Vocabulary based Questions Preparation

  • As a replacement for asking synonyms/ antonyms in the passage, individual words are specified in the question, and you need to identify the option that is most similar or most opposite in meaning to the given word.
  • Such questions are particularly difficult except you to understand the word completely, there is no way that you can attempt such a question.
  • For this, you’ll need to work on your vocabulary. Read at least 3 to 4 articles consistently and identify new words.
  • Look up their meanings and try to form sentences from these words on your own. Make sure that you practice it regularly.

Odd One Out based (edited) Preparation

  • In these areas, you are given a sentence/passage in question and distinct sentences in options, and you have to recognize which of the given option does not logically follow or conclude the given sentence of the passage.
  • While solving these questions, carefully read the passage given and then through the options.
  • You’ll be able to make out which sentence expresses distinct meaning once you go all through the options. You can solve Para Completion or Paragraph Summary-based questions similarly.

Sentence Connector Preparation

  • In such types of questions, two distinct sentences are given, and a set of starters or connectors are provided.
  • You are obliged to identify an appropriate connector with the help of which you can merge the sentences so that it makes a meaningful sentence.
  • Now again, abolish options by employing each option as a connective and using it in the sentences given.

Idiom Based Preparation

  • In such questions, an idiom/ phrase is presented in the question, and distinct sentences expressing the meaning of that idiom are provided in options.
  • You need to identify which sentence best describes the meaning of that idiom. To answer such questions, you should be well proficient in this topic.
  • Try to study 5-8 idioms regularly to score well on such questions.

Also Check IPMAT Syllabus 2022 to know the important topics

IPMAT Additional Preparation Suggestions

Check the important points of IPMAT 2022 Preparation Tips below.

  • IPMAT Previous Years Question Papers: Go through at least 3-4 PYSPs and have a go at understanding them.
  • This particular exercise will help you in recognizing the pattern of questions, especially in the Verbal Ability section and you can revise the important points according to the weightage they carry.
  • Understanding the Previous Year’s Question Papers is the most ideal approach to make sense of the frail regions and work on them.
  • The best thing is to practice as many mock tests as you can. Answering as many mock tests will help to replicate exam day-like conditions and you can consider how well you will be able to operate on actual exam day.

Important Points to remember

  • Identify Strong & Solidify Weak Areas – Strengthen the topics of the IPMAT Exam in which you are strong. Also, revise weak topics as well as much as possible. Do not completely ignore any subject and cover all topics in revision.
  • Time Management with Speed – Time Management is the key to success in the exam, especially in main exams. In this exam, you have enough time to attempt questions but a good time management strategy with speed will make you invincible.
  • Shorts Notes – Make handy notes of Short tricks, Imp formulas, and useful concepts of Quant as well as English. Also, creating short notes helps you revise faster.
  • Mock test – Take a Mock test, or sectional test very seriously. Analyze them well and work upon your mistakes. Learning from your mistakes is one thumb rule for success.

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