IPMAT Last Minutes Preparation Tips 2022 for IIM Rohtak: Important Strategy

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

IPMAT Last Minute Preparation Tips for IIM Rohtak might help applicants figure out what they need to accomplish before sitting the exam. The IPMAT Rohtak test will take place on June 26, 2022. The IPMAT Exam is the most important exam for getting into top B-schools in India to pursue an IPM degree. Passing such an exam is challenging, however, IPMAT Last Minutes Preparation Tips for IIM Rohtak may be helpful. Those two hours in the exam room were a hazy dream in which reality was divided between future aspirations. For IIM Rohtak candidates who wish to be calm before and during the examinations, here are some IPMAT Last Minutes Preparation tips for IIM Rohtak.

IPM AT is Integrated Program in Management (IPM) Aptitude Test conducted by IIM Rohtak separately. IPMAT is a 5 years program that offers dual degrees i.e. BBA and MBA Degrees for the candidates who have passed class 12th. It is important to prepare thoroughly for IPMAT Exam 2022 in order to pass the exam with excellent grades. We’ve compiled the greatest last-minute exam tips for the IPMAT exam 2022 right here. With the aid of these pointers, you may make the most of your study time and maximize your exam result. Test day instructions can assist you in dealing with the stress and worry that comes with taking an exam. You’ll be able to ace the exam this way.

IPMAT Exam Pattern for IIM Rohtak

Candidates should analyze the pattern before learning IPMAT Last Minute Preparation Tips for IIM Rohtak. Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability are the three areas of the exam paper, according to the IPMAT Paper Pattern.


Number of Questions

Time Duration 

Quantitative Ability


40 minutes

Logical Reasoning


40 minutes

Verbal Ability


 40 minutes

Note: Each question will carry +4 marks and there will be a negative marking of -1 for each wrong answer.

IPMAT Last Minutes Preparation Tips for IIM Rohtak

  • Start meditating: In the exam days leading up to the exam improve your attention and calm your thoughts by doing meditation. It will assist you in achieving higher exam results.

  • Take adequate sleep before the exam: It is recommended that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day leading up to the exam since this is essential for improved performance.

  • Read Notes: Instead of going over all of the topics in-depth, you may use the study notes to revise. Candidates should have their notes with them at all times so that they may review them as needed. 

  • Previous Years Question Papers: Practicing the IPMAT previous year’s question paper and IPMAT mock paper will help the candidates in improving their speed and accuracy. Practicing and keeping track of time will help the candidates manage the time during the exam. This particular exercise will help you in recognizing the pattern of questions, especially in the Verbal Ability section and you can revise the important points according to the weightage they carry.

  • Do not begin a new topic: Adding additional subjects to your study list a few days before the test will just add to your stress and confusion. As a result, it is not recommended that you study new subjects. Only go over what you’ve already learned.

  • Improve your mental skills: IPMAT tests give you a defined amount of time to finish a selection. Mental computation is critical for saving time during the exam. Candidates should work on improving their mental skills, which can only be accomplished via practice.

  • Maintain a balance between speed and precision: Because the test will be timed in sections, it is critical to maintaining a balance between speed and correctness. So, if you get stuck on a question that takes a long time to solve, skip it and go on to the next one.

  • Revise short answer questions: The IPMAT Indore exam features a component where you must write short responses. As a result, applicants should review these sorts of questions carefully, as there are no penalty marks for incorrect answers in this part.

  • Maintain your health: Maintaining a calm and confident demeanor can aid you in scoring well on the IPMAT test. If you run into trouble when answering the questions, don’t freak out. Stay calm and confident in your preparedness.

  • Identify Strong & Solidify Weak Areas – Strengthen the topics of the IPMAT Exam in which you are strong. Also, revise weak topics as well as much as possible. Do not completely ignore any subject and cover all topics in revision. 

  • Time Management with Speed – Time Management is the key to success in the exam, especially in main exams. In this exam, you have enough time to attempt questions but a good time management strategy with speed will make you invincible.

  • Shorts Notes: Make handy notes of Short tricks, Imp formulas, and useful concepts of Quant as well as English. Also, creating short notes helps you revise faster.

Exam Day Guidelines for IPMAT 2022

For all applicants, we have supplied IPMAT Exam Day instructions. Candidates must adhere to the instructions on the admission card.

  • Appear at the IPMAT test center on time: Candidates must arrive at the IPMAT test facility at the time indicated on their admit card. Because of the COVID19 virus’s proliferation, the exam may be able to be taken from the home in Remote Proctored mode this year; nevertheless, the University will make the final decision.
  • Stay Cool: It is critical that you stay calm and undisturbed after you arrive at the testing location. Your irregular behavior will compound your anxiety, stopping you from producing your best exam performance.
  • Communicate with the Staff: When you get to the testing facility, it’s critical that you work with the staff members who are inspecting the items you brought. In the test hall, wait patiently for your time at the automated verification. For candidate verification, you must present your IPMAT admit card as well as one valid photo ID at the time of entry.
  • Time Management: It is essential to be able to manage one’s time. It’s critical to select the most important questions that are both relevant and easy for you to answer. Questions that might result in a low grade should be left on the board.
  • Test Revision: After completing the IPMAT exam, it is critical to go through all of the questions again before submitting them.


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