IPMAT Last Minutes Preparation Tips 2022 for IIM Indore: Important Strategy

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 11th, 2023

IPMAT Last Minute Preparation Tips for IIM Indore assists candidates in determining what they should do prior to taking the test. IPMAT Indore exam is scheduled for July 02, 2022. When it comes to getting into top B-schools in India to pursue an IPM degree, the IPMAT Exam is the most important exam. It is a difficult task to pass such an exam, however IPMAT Last Minutes Preparation tips for IIM Indore might assist us. Those two hours in the exam room are a zoned-out dream in which reality is trapped between future fantasies. Here are some IPMAT Last Minutes Preparation tips for IIM Indore applicants who want to keep calm before and throughout the exams.

It is very important to get well prepared for IPMAT Exam 2022 to ace the exam with a good score. Here we have provided the best last-minute tips for the IPMAT 2022 exam. With the help of these tips, you can utilize your preparation for maximizing your score in the exam. Exam day Instructions help you in dealing with the pressure and anxiety during the exam. This way you can ace the exam.

IPMAT Exam Pattern for IIM Indore

Candidates should analyze the pattern before studying IPMAT Last Minute Preparation Tips for IIM Indore. The three areas of the exam paper, according to the IPMAT Paper Pattern, are Quantitative Ability (MCQs), Quantitative Ability (SA), and Verbal Ability.


Number of Questions

Time Duration

Quantitative Ability (QA)

Multiple Choice Questions


30 minutes

Verbal Ability

Multiple Choice Questions


30 minutes

Quantitative Ability (QA)

Short Answer Questions


30 minutes

Note: Each question will carry +4 for every correct answer and -1 for every incorrect answer. 

IPMAT Last-Minute Preparation Tips for IIM Indore

  • Do meditation: You should start doing meditation in the last few days before the exam to increase your concentration level and relax your mind. It will help you to perform better in exams.
  • Take proper sleep before the exam: It is advised to take at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day before the exam as it is very crucial for better performance.
  • Use study notes to Revise: Instead of going into all the topics in detail, you can use the study notes. Candidates should keep their notes handy so that they can revise whenever it is necessary
  • Don’t start any new topic: Studying new topics a few days before the exam will increase your anxiety and confusion. Therefore, it is advised not to study new topics. Revise only what you have learned earlier. 
  • Improve Mental calculations: IPMAT exams provide specific timing to complete a selection. To save time during the exam, mental calculation is very important. Candidates should improve their mental calculation skills and this can only be done through practice. 
  • Maintain your balance between speed and accuracy: It is very important to maintain the balance between speed and accuracy as there will be sectional timing during the exam. So do not get stuck with a question if it takes a long time to solve, leave that question and complete the rest. 
  • Revise short answer questions: IPMAT Indore has a section in which short answers should be written. So candidates should not forget to revise these types of questions as there are no negative marks for the wrong answer in this section. 
  • Practice the previous year’s question paper and mock sample paper: Practicing the IPMAT previous year’s question paper and IPMAT mock paper will help the candidates in improving their speed and accuracy. Practicing and keeping track of time will help the candidates manage the time during the exam. 
  • Maintain your health: Staying calm and confident will help you to score good marks in the IPMAT exam. Do not panic if you face a problem while solving the questions. Be confident in your preparation and stay relaxed.

Exam Day Guidelines for IPMAT 2022

We have provided the IPMAT Exam Day guidelines for all the candidates. Candidates must follow the guidelines given on the admit card.

  • Reach the exam center on time: Candidates should arrive at the IPMAT test center at the time specified on their admit card. Due to the spread of the COVID19 virus, there is a likelihood that the test may be conducted from home in Remote Proctored mode this year; nevertheless, the University will make the ultimate decision.

  • Stay Calm: Once you arrive at the testing site, it is important that you remain calm and unfazed. Your erratic conduct will exacerbate your nervousness, preventing you from giving your best performance in the exam.

  • Collaborate with the Staff: If you arrive at the test facility, it is important that you cooperate with the staff members who are checking the goods you brought with you. Wait patiently in the test hall for your time at the automated verification. At the entry, you must provide your IPMAT admit card as well as one valid picture ID for candidate verification.

  • Time Management: The ability to manage one’s time is important. It’s essential to choose the most significant questions that are both relevant and comfortable for you to answer. Leave the questions that might result in a poor grade on the board.

  • Revise the Exam: After finishing the IPMAT exam, it is essential to thoroughly review all of the questions before submitting the exam.


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