IPMAT Study Plan 2022: One Month Free Revision Plan for Candidates

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Free Study Plan for IPMAT 2022: The IPMAT exam is approaching fast now, candidates must fast-track their preparation for June 2022 (IIM Rohtak) and July 2022 (IIM Indore) with a proper revision strategy. To help candidates in their preparation BYJU’S Exam Prep experts compiled and curated the Plan for IPMAT 2022 specifically to boost your preparation needs. IPMAT is a leading national-level entrance exam for integrated course admission to IIM Indore and Rohtak. The one-month study plan is ideal for those preparing for the IPMAT 2022 exam.

This is the ideal time to ramp up your IPMAT preparation.

As a result, we’re offering a month IPMAT 2022 Revision Study Plan to all IPMAT 2022 candidates hoping to get into IIM Indore or IIM Rohtak this year. For your preparation, go over this study plan. This IPMAT 2022 daily study plan is updated on a daily basis to keep you on track.

This article is targeted at students planning to take the IPMAT in 2022. In this article, we will attempt to answer all of your questions about IPMAT 2022, as well as to clear up any confusions or perplexities you may have about the exam so that your path to success in IPMAT 2022 becomes crystal clear.

Free Revision Study Plan for IPMAT 2022

The primary factor for completing any mission is a well-thought-out action plan and the necessary arsenal/resources to execute that plan effectively (at a low cost) and efficiently (on time).

Your ‘Kit of Resources’ for completing your mission of passing the IPMAT 2022 Exam may vary depending on your personal preferences and abilities, but there are a few essential resources that everyone should have in their kitbag for IPMAT 2022 Exam preparations:

A well-thought-out action plan: A goal without a strategy is nothing more than a wish. The creation of a carefully drafted Study plan should be the most important requirement for achieving your goal of becoming an IPMAT aspirant and thus cracking IPMAT 2022. The following information should be included in the study plan:

  • Important information about your course
  • Concentrated on the same exam pattern.
  • How should the IPMAT syllabus be covered in the time allotted?

To ensure thorough revision and consistent practice, you must take multiple IPMAT 2022 Mock Tests.

After carefully analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, as well as other required needs and preferences, our team will assist you in creating a personalized Study plan tailored specifically for you. For all aspirants, here is a complete strategy plan and things that should be taken care of:

First Few Weeks:

  • Target the easier type of topics and sections. For example, arithmetic in Quantitative Ability, Vocabulary in Verbal Ability, and so on.
  • Focus on building your calculation aptitude. Learn how to calculate faster and more accurately. Also, avoid the use of calculators to the maximum extent possible.
  • Make sure you can solve almost 90 to 95% of the easy variety of questions with ease and comfort.
  • Attempt about 6 to 8 mocks in all, in the first few weeks.

The Last Week:

  • Increase your mock test frequency to about 5 to 6 mocks in the last month. Ensure that you don’t take a mock on the day exactly before the exam day.
  • Make sure you have memorized all the relevant formulae etc. in Mathematics. If not done, you should do them on a priority basis.
  • Don’t cram up extra stuff at the last moment, for example, don’t go on memorizing too many vocabulary words and idioms. Believe in yourself and in what you have learned in the last few months of preparation.
  • Ensure that you know how to manage your time well in the last week’s mocks because they’ll be a replica of what you’ll face in the actual paper.

Today is the First Day #1
IPMAT 2022 Exam Preparation Meter


By today’s preparation, you will be up in your IPMAT 2022 Exam preparations by 3.33 


Quantitative Ability (11:30 AM)

Verbal Ability (2:30 PM)

Study Notes of the Day (5:30 PM)

Day 1 Average & Pie Chart
Fill in the blanks & Error Spotting

Study Notes: Pie Chart Questions in DI

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