SBI Clerk Preparation 2023 - Check SBI Clerk Preparation Strategy and Tips

SBI Clerk Preparation 2023 - Check SBI Clerk Preparation Strategy and Tips

ByAkash Mishra  |  Updated on: May 9, 2023
SBI Clerk preparation strategy and tips help to formulate an effective study plan. Know the SBI Clerk prelims and mains subject-wise preparation tips to outperform the exam.

SBI Clerk Preparation Strategy will assist the aspirants in getting closer to their dreams and will cater to all their doubts. The cumulative effect of the dedicated efforts and the accurate preparation strategy will drive the candidates toward success. We have facilitated the SBI Clerk preparation tips by the experts for the aspirants to make their preparation journey easier. It will guide them to the right path of preparation for the desired results.

SBI Clerk preparation strategy will aid the aspirants in structuring and formulating a perfect preparation layout, and if followed with the right study plan, they can smoothly get on the way to success. This will assist aspirants in cracking all the sections in a definite time period. Preparing accurately will not only help them outperform but also assist them in reducing apprehension during the exam. Know the SBI Clerk preparation strategy and the definite way to ace the exam smoothly.

SBI Clerk Preparation Strategy 2023

Two months are sufficient for the SBI Clerk preparation if aspirants follow the correct approach and are sincere in their studies. The upcoming months will help them prepare well if they utilize this time efficiently. If they haven’t started their clerk preparation, start now and make the most of this available time. We will now discuss how aspirants should start their SBI Clerk exam preparation.

It is of high essentiality for the candidates to get in touch with numerous parameters and pertinent of the SBI Clerk exam and be prepared for excelling in the next stage. The detailed knowledge of the exam will enlighten the candidates in formulating an efficient strategy for the exam.

  • There is no sectional cutoff in SBI Clerk Exam. Candidates are required to secure minimum percentage marks on an aggregate level (Overall Cutoff)
  • There is a sectional time limit for each section of the exam.
  • The SBI will predetermine the order of the sections. One cannot switch between them.
  • There is a negative 1/4th mark for every wrong answer marked by the candidate.
  • There is no descriptive test in SBI Clerk main exams.

SBI Clerk Preparation Strategy For English Language

The English section of the SBI Clerk exam assesses the applicants based on their cognizance of the subject and their grammatical knack. The applicants must grasp the vocabulary and the grammatical section to ace the exam smoothly.

  • We have already shared a free PDF of important Grammar Rules. Aspirants can also follow our series of daily wordlists and root words to work on their vocabulary. The applicants must devote at least 2 hours per day to practising and understanding the English Section.
  • Aspirants need to get in the habit of reading the newspaper regularly. In the table below, they will find the study notes and links to practice the important topics of the English section and get a hold of all the segments of the syllabus.
  • The English section's level has been increasing daily, so don’t take this section for granted. Go through all the grammar rules from Wren & Martin's book and try to understand them. Do not try to cram the rules. Just go through them with solved examples, and automatically those rules will feed into their mind. These few preparation tips for the SBI Clerk exam will help them ace this section without hassle.
  • Read English articles daily. Aspirants can prefer The Hindu or the Economic Times. Try to note down the new words in a separate note to revise later. Continue this process and revise the written words regularly. Try to enlarge their vocab power and include as many words as possible.
S. No.Topic Details
1.Reading Comprehension Notes 
2.Cloze Test Notes 
3.Spotting Error Notes 
4.Sentence Correction Notes
5.Fill in the Blank Notes
6.Para Jumbles Notes
7.Sentence Connector Notes
8.Daily Wordlist for Vocabulary

SBI Clerk Preparation Strategy For Reasoning Ability

Reasoning Ability section is quite trickier, and the applicant needs to try to gain effective skills to crack this section consistently. There are no shortcuts or formulas that can be applied in these sections. The applicants have to be able to think logically and understand the topics and concepts that are essential for the exam.

  • The best way to score in the Reasoning section is by practising different topics. Follow the SBI Clerk preparation strategy for reasoning as penned by our experts to perform well in this section. Unlike the Quantitative Aptitude section, there are no shortcuts or formulas which aspirants can mug up to score better. So, make sure that candidates understand the basic concepts of the different topics of the Reasoning section and then devote maximum time to their practice.
  • Aspirants can underline concepts and practice them thoroughly. Practice 2-3 puzzles daily. In the exam hall, choose the puzzle with fewer variables. Focus on syllogism, inequality, order & ranking, coding-decoding, direction distance, and blood relation chapters as these chapters are relatively easier and easy to solve in the exam hall rather than solving time-consuming puzzles.
  • This section requires some basic concepts initially. After clearing concepts, aspirants must attempt as many questions as possible to master this section. The Reasoning section requires only practice and imagination power. With sufficient practice and a proper understanding of concepts, aspirants can easily score 30+ in this section.
  • Read Important Topics To Be Asked in the Reasoning Ability of SBI Clerk exam to understand the syllabus better. Here are the study notes as well as links to practice topic-wise questions of this section:

SBI Clerk Preparation Strategy For Numerical Ability

The candidates must consistently practice the questions of Numerical Ability to obtain good scores. This section assesses the applicants on their basic knowledge of the Numerical Ability, and the candidates need to maintain accuracy with pace to get the desired results.

  • The aspirants can get a free PDF of shortcut tricks of the Quantitative Aptitude Section to enhance their calculative skills and solve the questions well in advance. The candidates must go through the topic-wise study note to strengthen all the concepts. It is equally essential to work on the weaker areas and the topics that need more attention. Identify the more time-consuming topics to come up with the methods of solving them in time.
  • This can be the scoring section if prepared well as per our experts' preparation tips for SBI Clerk. In the initial days, focus on remembering squares up to 40, cubes up to 20, tables up to 30, fractions to a percentage, and percentage to fraction conversion up to 1/25. Also, try to know some Vedic tricks and rules for faster calculation in the exam to save time and invest more time in the miscellaneous and difficult questions.
  • After this, start covering basic and fundamental chapters like number series, quadratic equations, averages, ratio proportions, and percentages. These 3 chapters are applied in almost every arithmetic chapter. So first, try to know the deep concepts of these 3 chapters. After this, candidates can go for time & work, partnership, time speed distance, and mixture alligation chapters. Practice different data interpretation sets like bar graphs, tabular DI, etc.
S. No.Topic Details
1.Number Series Notes
2.Simplification/ Approximation Notes
3.Quadratic Equation Notes 
4.Data Interpretation Notes
(Basics, Pie chart, Bar chart, Tabulation, Missing DI, Caselet DI, Line chart, Mixed DI
5.Simple and Compound Interest
6.Mixture & Alligation Notes
7.Partnership Notes
8.Pipes & Cistern Notes
9.Notes of Problem on Ages
10.Profit, Loss & Discount Notes
11.Time & Work Notes
12.Probability Notes
13.Practice Boats & Streams
14.Practice Mensuration

Experts' SBI Clerk Preparation Tips

The right SBI Clerk preparation beholds an epitome of importance for the aspirants. They need to step in the right direction to grab the aspired post. We have facilitated some effective SBI Clerk preparation tips that will assist the applicants in formulating an effective strategy. Accurate preparation and dedicated steps are the key essentials for achieving success. Steer through the under-noted points to get complete knowledge about the SBI Clerk exam.

  • The first and foremost requirement to start their SBI Clerk exam preparation is proper knowledge of the exam pattern and a detailed SBI Clerk syllabus.
  • This is important since it will help them figure out the section-wise weightage of different topics aspirants may come across in the exam.
  • Once aspirants clearly understand the topics, it's time to analyze their strengths and weaknesses in different sections.
  • In order to do that, aspirants can attempt a mock test of the preliminary exam level. After submitting the mock test, analyze their performance. This practice will help them deduce the topics they were easily able to attempt and the ones in which they faced difficulty.
  • This self-analysis will help them understand the topics that need more attention than others and help them prepare accordingly.
  • Keep practising the SBI Clerk previous year's papers consistently to track the level of preparation and get acquainted with the time-consuming areas.
  • The applicants can devise the right strategy to attempt the exam and techniques to solve the questions in the stipulated time frame.
  • As there are sectional time limits, it is of utmost importance for the applicants to learn to manage their time and space effectively. The candidates must regularly keep practising the mock tests or previous year's papers in the defined time frame.

FAQs on SBI Clerk Preparation

  • The applicants must be well aware of the SBI Clerk preparation strategy and tips. They must get in touch with all the parameters of the SBI Clerk exam to outperform in the same. The applicants must get stick to a study plan and schedule to widen their chances of getting selected.

  • Candidates need to be fully equipped with complete knowledge of the SBI Clerk syllabus and the exam pattern. Aspirants can learn Vedic Maths, number series, and quadratic equations to get the calculation faster.

  • The applicants must be formulating an effective study plan, and a well-structured strategy to outperform. The accurate preparation plan for the SBI Clerk exam would be to get into a strict study schedule. Keep brushing up on the fundamentals and core concepts that will help them to solve the questions in time and with accuracy.

  • The fundamentals and core concepts of English grammar, which will assist them in performing well in the exam. The key preparation tip by the experts for the English section is to enrich their vocabulary by regularly reading newspaper articles and magazines.

  • The SBI Clerk preparation straategy for the Reasoning section is to keep practicing questions from the previous year papers and mock test. To solve these questions with accuracy the candidates need to develop logical thinking and imagination, which aspirants can attain with practice.

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