Importance of Mock Tests in AE & JE Exams Preparation!

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

AE & JE Exams – Importance of Mock Test in Preparation: Staff Selection Commission will conduct SSC JE 2019-20 Exam from 27th to 30th October 2020. Now, it is high time that candidates who want to crack SSC JE 2019 and other AE & JE Exams must start their preparation and We all are familiar that mock tests are the most crucial part in order to crack AE & JE Exams.

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AE & JE Exams are around the corner and every aspirant has pumped up his/her preparation. Of course, these exams are competitive, so a candidate must prepare for everything in order to achieve success. This is where the mock test gets into the picture. In AE & JE Exams, only those candidates qualify with flying colors who practice concepts thoroughly.

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At BYJU’S Exam Prep we believe that there shall be no compromise in mock tests as they are very important in checking your level of preparation from time to time.

Importance of Mock Tests in Preparation for AE & JE Exams: 

Mock test papers are the best source for practicing and preparing better for the AE & JE Exams. In this article, we have come up with a few advantages of attempting Mock Test Papers to highlight its importance during the preparation of AE & JE Exams:

  • Real-Time Experience:
    • The main purpose of the Mock test is to give you an actual exam like experience. 
    • The mock test is designed like the actual test to familiarize you with the structure, pattern, difficulty level of the actual exam.
    • It strictly follows the official pattern and updated syllabus.
  • A better understanding of the syllabus:
    • Most students struggle with a problem that they start to forget the earlier concepts as they advance in their preparation. 
    • Mock tests are designed to replicate the actual exam and they cover almost all the topics from the syllabus. This helps students revising the entire syllabus.
    • Mock tests include all the possible types of questions. It helps you understand the framing, sequencing, pattern, weightage of the questions.
    • Questions are designed on the basis of the previous year’s question papers.
  • Analysis of your strengths and weaknesses:
    • It is necessary to test your preparation level to prepare effectively for the exam. 
    • Taking a mock test help you understand the level of preparation required for your exam. 
    • Effective self-analysis of the mock test reveals the weak as well as the strong areas of your preparation.  
  • Building a Strategy:
    • Mock tests give you valuable insight on your preparation level such as Your weaknesses and strengths, an in-depth understanding of the syllabus and pattern, exposure to the real exam environment, etc.
    • These insights enable you to prepare a better and effective strategy to boost your preparation.  
    • Mock tests enable you to prioritize your learning of topics.
  • Speed Improvement and Time management:
    • Good speed and effective time management are essential to crack AE & JE exams.
    • Despite the accuracy, the time constraint is a major challenge for some candidates and you can overcome by learning effective time management by practicing Mock Tests on a regular basis.
    • Mock tests are based on the actual test paper pattern and solving them will help you to manage your time and correctly answer the entire question paper.
    • If you have given a lot of mock tests then you will be familiar with most of the questions of general aptitude, engineering mathematics.
    • This will enable you to approach these questions with confidence and solve them speedily. 
  • Decrease Nervousness and Boost Confidence:
    • Stress, anxiety, and nervousness are the three unwanted elements of any exam preparation and these factors adversely affect the performance. 
    • Tanking a mock test regularly teaches you how to handle these factors in the actual exam. 
    • Nervousness during the exam affects your concentration and may lead you to go blank when you encounter a tough question. 
    • Regular practice of mock test improve your confidence and prepares you so that you can handle the stress and anxiety during the actual exam. 
    • The more mock test you gave, the more stress you handle and the better you get. 

The importance of mock tests lies in the fact they help you understand the syllabus and pattern of the exam as well as your personal traits better and prepares you for the ultimate challenge.

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Importance of Mock Tests in AE & JE Exams Preparation!

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