MPPSC AE Syllabus 2023 PDF: Download Civil, Mechanical Syllabus

MPPSC AE Syllabus 2023 PDF: Download Civil, Mechanical Syllabus

ByShiwani Kumari  |  Updated on: Jan 26, 2023
MPPSC AE Syllabus 2023 has been released for civil, agriculture and mechanical engineering. Check MPSC AE syllabus PDF link, important chapters and other details related to syllabus below.
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MPPSC AE Syllabus is released by the exam organising body which is the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) along with the official notification. To pass the exam, candidates must completely comprehend the MPPSC AE syllabus. The syllabus is released for the written exam which candidates have to qualify to get a call for appearing in the interview.

The MPPSC AE syllabus for the written exam is divided into two parts: Part A deals with questions about Madhya Pradesh state, and Part B deals with questions about the subject-specific. All of the questions are objective multiple-choice. Checkout the latest MPPSC AE syllabus for all subjects below. Candidates can also download the syllabus PDF for a better understanding.

MPPSC AE Syllabus 2023

MPPSC AE syllabus 2023 for the State Engineering Services has been released. To pass the MPPSC AE, candidates must understand important subjects and topics covered in the exam. Candidates can plan their preparation with the help of the syllabus. A better understanding of all topics covered in the MPPSC AE syllabus will help the student excel in the exam.

MPPSC AE 2023 syllabus is divided into two papers, Part A and Part B. Part A is designed to assess the candidate's knowledge of Madhya Pradesh through questions on History, Culture and Literature, Geography, History, Polity, Important Personalities, Economy, and so on. The MPPSC AE syllabus 2023 for Part B, on the other hand, will include questions on Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical as determined by the candidate's educational qualification in their Engineering degree.

MPPSC AE Syllabus 2023 PDF Download

Candidates can obtain the MPPSC AE Syllabus PDF by clicking on the link provided below. It is recommended that you download the syllabus and save it offline so that you can go over it during your preparation.

MPPSC AE Syllabus for General Studies

MPPSC AE syllabus for Part A assesses candidates' General Studies knowledge. This subject is the same for all candidates, and it includes questions about Madhya Pradesh's geography, art and culture, politics, economy, and current events in India, the world, and Madhya Pradesh.

Candidates will also be asked questions about information and communication technology, such as electronics, computers, and so on. As a result, candidates must be knowledgeable in these areas. The MPPSC AE Syllabus for General Studies is shown in the table below.

MPPSC AE General Studies Syllabus 



History culture and literature of Madhya Pradesh

Important personalities, Historical events and Major dynasties, Art, Architecture and culture, Contribution of Madhya Pradesh in the Independence movements, Madhya Pradesh main tribes and dialects, Main Tourist places, Festivals, folk music, art, literary and tourist place of Madhya Pradesh. 

Geography of Madhya Pradesh

Forest, Mountains, Rivers, Climate, Natural and mineral resources, energy resources, main irrigation and power projects of Madhya Pradesh.

Politics and Economy of M.P

Political system (Governor, Cabinet, Legislative Assembly), Panchayati Raj, Social system, Agriculture and Agri based industries, Demography and census, Economic development, Main industries, etc.

Current events of International, National and M.P

Famous sports competitions; awards and sports institutions of the State, Famous personalities and Places, Welfare schemes, Important Contemporaneous events, etc. 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Basic Computer knowledge, shortcuts used in Computers, Electronics, computers, information and communication technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and cyber security, E-Governance, Internet and Social networking sites, E-Commerce.

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MPPSC AE Syllabus: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical

MPPSC AE syllabus for Part B consists of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical subjects. Candidates are to select subjects as per their engineering qualifications. You must prepare the MPPSC AE syllabus for Part B in such a way that you are able to score maximum marks in it as this paper carries the weightage that is the determining factor for your selection. Below you can find the MPPSC AE Syllabus for Civil/Electrical/Mechanical subjects. 

MPPSC AE Syllabus for Part B

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Structural Analysis

Engineering Mechanics and Mechanics of solids

Circuit theory

Geotechnical Engineering

Energy Conversion Systems Electromechanical energy conversion

Water Resource Engineering

(Irrigation, Hydrology, Ground Water, Storage schemes, Diversion schemes)

Design of Machine ElementsSwitchgear and protection
Fluid MechanicsThermodynamicsPower Systems Analysis and Control
Highways & Airports (Bride engineering)Theory of MachinesSignals and systems
Railway EngineeringHeat transfer, Refrigeration, and Air ConditioningControl system
Steel Structural DesignFluid Mechanics and MachinesSignals and systems
Reinforced Concrete DesignProduction ManagementPower Electronics
Construction Planning and ManagementComputer Aided EngineeringElectromagnetic field theory and Materials

 Environmental Engineering

 Analog and Digital Electronics
  Measurement and Instrumentation

MPPSC AE Syllabus 2023 Preparation Tips 

It is very important for candidates to prepare rightly to score extraordinarily in exams. Students need to make accurate plans for completing the MPPSC AE syllabus on time. 

  • Aspirants should have a thorough understanding of the MPPSC AE syllabus in order to prepare for each subject more efficiently than the average candidate. Understanding the MPPSC AE syllabus also aids in the selection of high-quality resources.
  • A proper timetable is essential for completing the MPPSC AE syllabus in a timely manner. While creating a timetable, the aspirant should set small, attainable goals and implement them through a timetable.
  • When preparing for any exam, the candidate should begin by making revision notes on an important topic, formula, and so on. These revision notes will be beneficial in the final week before the MPPSC AE exam.
  • Aspirants after completing their MPPSC AE exam syllabus should start solving some previous year's papers. Solving MPPSC AE previous year paper and helps in analyzing strengths and weaknesses before the exam date.
  • Candidates can also enroll in MPPSC AE mock test. The mock test papers are the best solution to check the preparedness for the exam. But aspirants should not get demotivated or excited by the result, whereas candidates should put an effort to excel in every new mock test paper. 

Difference Between SSC JE & MPPSC AE Sylalbus

SSC JE and MPPSC AE syllabus differ in terms of exam stages and questions. SSC JE is a Central government exam, whereas MPPSC AE is a State Engineering Service exam administered by the Madhya Pradesh government. To help you understand the difference between the MPPSC AE and SSC JE syllabuses, we've provided a comparison chart below.

MPPSC AE Syllabus

SSC JE Syllabus 

MPPSC AE syllabus is for State Engineering Services in Madhya Pradesh state.

SSC JE syllabus covers is for recruitment into the Central Govt.

MPPSC AE syllabus consists of two parts, Madhya Pradesh General Awareness and subject-specific engineering discipline.

The syllabus of SSC JE focuses majorly on the GK, Reasoning and engineering subjects, i.e. Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical. 

MPPSC AE syllabus consists of only multiple-choice questions. (MCQs). No description questions are there.

SSC JE syllabus for the engineering paper for stage 2 is descriptive in nature. 

The engineering discipline varies as per the number of vacancy and post that is required for a particular engineering discipline.

It is conducted for 3 engineering disciplines. 

MPPSC AE Syllabus FAQs

  • MPPSC AE syllabus 2023 has been notified by the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission on its official website. MPPSC AE syllabus is divided in two parts namely Part A and Part B.

  • Structural Analyze Steel Structure Design, Reinforced Concrete Design, Construction Planning and Management, Environmental Engineering, Water Resource Engineering, Irrigation, Hydrology, Diversion Schemes, Railways Engineering, Highways and Airports, Bridge Engineering, and other important chapters are included in the MPPSC AE syllabus 2023 for civil engineering.

  • No, MPPSC AE syllabus is not changed every year. The type of questions asked in the exam is usually of the same type every year. However, you are likely to find changes in the general awareness section of the syllabus of MPPSC AE.

  • MPPSC AE Syllabus PDF can be downloaded from the MPPSC website or through the direct link that is provided below here. To help you prepare for the exam in an effective way, the new MPPSC AE syllabus for all the subjects is given below. Download the MPPSC AE syllabus pdf and save it in your device so that you can access it offline whenever you are in need of it.

  • The need for the syllabus is for every candidate aiming to crack the MPPSC AE 2023 exam. With the help of the syllabus, you get to know the important topics to perform outstandingly in the exam. Aspiring candidates must choose the right approach and follow them so that they get a high score in the exam.

  • MPPSC AE syllabus for General Studies or Part A covers all the important topics that are needed to be known by any govt. Job aspirant. It tests the basic knowledge of the candidates that makes him/her aware of the happenings in Madhya Pradesh and other parts of the country and the world. The important topics that are covered in the MPPSC AE General Studies include M.P. GK such as History, Culture, Tradition, History, Economy, Polity of Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this, questions on national and international current affairs shall also be covered in the syllabus.

  • To study MPPSC AE syllabus effectively, you should first download MPPSC AE syllabus pdf. After you've downloaded it and saved it to your device, go over the important topics and chapters that will be covered in the exam. Make a good timetable that will assist you in achieving excellence by completing previous year papers, mock tests, and so on. You can also make quick notes or flashcards to review at the last minute.

  • MPPSC AE syllabus for Mechanical Engineering has topics like Engineering Mechanics and Mechanics of Solids, Theory of Machines, Design of Machine Elements, Production Engineering, Production Management, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Machines, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning, Energy Conversion Systems, Computer-Aided Engineering.

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