Which City is Called Temple City of India?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 4th, 2022

India is a land of many religions and places of worship. But do you know which city is called temple city of India? The answer is Bhubaneshwar. This is because the city of Bhubaneshwar is home to some of the most famous and ancient temples of India. Keep reading to learn more about the temple city of India.


Bhubaneshwar is the Temple city of India

Most of the temples located in the city of Bhubaneshwar are devoted to Lord Shiva. However, the ancient city is home to different religions including Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism.

Famous Temples in Bhubaneshwar: The Temple City of India

Here are some of the oldest and most famous temples of Bhubaneshwar that attract thousands of devotees every year:

  • Yogini Temple
  • Rajarani Temple
  • Lingaraj Temple
  • Muktesvara Temple
  • Ananta Vasudeva Temple
  • Brahmeshwar Temple
  • Bharateswar Temple
  • Aisanyesvara Siva Temple
  • Akhadachandi Temple
  • Bhringesvara Siva Temple


Which City is Called Temple City of India?

The city of Bhubaneshwar is called the Temple city of India because of all the famous temples that are located there. Some of these temples include - Yogini Temple, Rajarani Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Ananta Vasudeva Temple, and Muktesvara Temple.

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