The Revolt of Weavers in Silesia Took Place in

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Revolt of Weavers in Silesia took place in the year 1845. The revolt was directed towards the contractors who provided the weavers with raw materials in the form of orders for ready-made garments and later withdrew the weavers from their originally paid wages. Therefore, the weavers decided to fight themselves against this malpractice and on 4 June 1845 staged a protest in the house of one of their contractors demanding an increase in wages.

Revolt of Weavers in Silesia

The revolt of the weavers was a reaction to the unfair treatment of wealthy contractors who took advantage of the miserable condition of the weavers. Cotton weaving was the main occupation in the Silesian villages, and the people were in extreme misery.

  • The dire need for employment made them accept the orders of the contractors to provide them with raw materials and ready-made garments.
  • After receiving the ready orders, the contractors failed to pay the weavers as promised and reduced their payments.
  • In protest against this unfair treatment, weavers barged into the mansion of a contractor and ransacked it.
  • The contractor, however, called in the army, and eleven weavers were shot in the clash.
  • Unemployment and poverty led to many such rebellions throughout Europe.
  • The weavers damaged the haveli and ransacked the godown where all the raw materials were kept.

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