What are the Uses of Land?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Land is used for various purposes, including farming, forestry, mining, building homes, roads, and industrial establishments. The uses of land are influenced by physical factors such as terrain, soil, climate, minerals, and the availability of water. The use of technology and human factors, such as population density, greatly influences how land is used.

Uses of Land

The solid terrestrial portion of planet Earth that is not covered by an ocean or other body of water is referred to as land, also known as dry land, ground, or earth. The continents and various islands make up 29 percent of the Earth’s surface which is made up of land.

Crop Production

Crops grown on land include cash crops like cocoa, kola nuts, and coffee and food crops like yam, cassava, rice, and others. Since crops are essential for human survival, crop production is one of the most important uses of land.


Pasture land is a large piece of land set aside for livestock grazing where there is plenty of grass. This land is essential for the survival of cattle and other herbivorous animals. And since these animals are used for different industries like dairy and poultry, it becomes even more critical to ensure that they have enough pastures for grazing.


  • It refers to the area of land for the fish farming industry.
  • It entails building fishponds where fish are artificially raised to supply people with a source of protein and revenue.


It is the management of forest resources and lands to provide man with services and food that are important to him. Forests not only provide us with significant plants that are used as food and medicines but also oxygen, without which we cannot survive. Over the years, forest lands have been reduced as a result of urbanization which has hurt the environment beyond repair.


What are the Uses of Land?

The Uses of the land are farming, forestry, mining, construction of homes, roads, and industrial facilities. It’s often referred to as land use. Physical elements like terrain, climate, soil, availability of water, and minerals all have an impact on how land is used.

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