How Many Latitudes are there in Total?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

There are 180 latitudes in total on earth. The angle formed at the Earth’s center with the equator at any place on the Earth’s surface is called latitude. To know the exact location of a particular place on the Earth’s surface and the precise time of that place, geologists have divided the whole Earth into two types of lines. These lines are known as lines of latitudes and longitudes.

What are Latitudes?

The angular distance of any point to the north or south of the equator is known as Latitude. The line connecting the points with the same latitudes is called the Line of Latitude. In other words, the imaginary lines parallel on both sides of the equator extending along the middle of the earth are called Lines of Latitude.

Including the equator, 180 imaginary circular lines surround the earth at every 1° interval in parallel. The equator, the tropic of Cancer, the tropic of Capricorn, and the Arctic Circles in the North and south poles are some of the world’s most essential Lines of Latitude.

Total Number of Latitudes

On the other hand, the angular distance of any point to the east or west of the Prime Meridian or the west of the Standard Meridian is called longitude.

  • The imaginary line connecting the places on the earth’s surface whose longitudes are equal or the same is called the line of longitude.
  • Each longitude line extends from the north pole to the south pole. The Lines of longitude are not parallel to each other.
  • The imaginary line extending north to south over Greenwich in England is called the Prime meridian. It is the zero degrees Line of longitude.
  • There are a total of 360 Lines of longitude at one-degree intervals.


How many Latitudes are there in Total?

At a one-degree interval, there are a total of 360 lines of longitude and 180 lines of latitude. The shape of the earth is very much like a sphere. Therefore, to know the actual location of a place on the earth’s surface, the position of a business is determined by drawing some horizontal and vertical imaginary lines on the sphere. These imaginary lines are called latitudinal lines and longitudinal lines.

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