What are the Differences Between Rural and Urban Settlements?

By meenakshi|Updated : August 9th, 2022

The differences between rural and urban settlements lie on the basis of development, the density of population, employment opportunities, education, and amenities. The rural settlements usually refer to the villages while the urban settlements refer to the towns, suburbs, and cities.

Difference between Rural and Urban settlements 

The key difference between the two settlements is as under- 

  • Development- The Rural areas are not much developed. They have poor infrastructure while in urban areas, people enjoy a well-developed infrastructure and connectivities like housing roads, airports, railways, ports, etc. 
  • Density of Population- Since Urban areas offer good development, people usually tend to live there. Hence, Urban areas are densely populated. On the other hand, The rural areas are sparsely populated. 
  • Employment opportunities- People living in rural areas don’t have many opportunities. They derive their income or support from land-based primary economic activities, such as agriculture. But, in urban areas, the people enjoy the advantages of a lot of opportunities that involve the processing of raw materials and manufacturing of finished goods. 
  • Social relations- There is a complexity of life in urban settlements and everyone maintains a formal social relationship while in the rural areas, people are less mobile and they have intimate social relationships among them. 

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FAQs on Differences Between Rural and Urban Settlements

  • The rural and urban settlements are different in terms of the development, density of population, amenities, education, and employment opportunities. 

  • Urban areas enjoy better employment opportunities than rural areas. In rural settlements, people draw their basic necessities from agriculture and other land-based activities but in urban areas, the people depend upon the processing and manufacturing of finished goods, and other services.

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