What are the Main Characteristics of Urban Settlements?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Characteristics of Urban Settlements are that the occupation of the population is tied to the secondary and tertiary sectors and possesses human-made constructions like homes, businesses, roads, bridges, and railroads; also, these areas have a huge physical footprint and a dense population.

The secondary sectors and tertiary sectors are connected to the population’s main line of work. In an urban agglomeration, such as a town or city, displaced populations settle in urban settlements.

Characteristics of Urban Settlements

Closely populated places with houses arranged in a cluster are clustered rural villages. These settlements can occasionally create a geometric design. The following are some characteristics that distinguish clustered rural villages apart from other forms of Urban Settlements:

  • The populated areas are distinct from the farmland.
  • States with lush alluvial plains in the northeastern region are where one can find such towns.
  • Clustered settlements are created for defense and security purposes and to allow residents to live close to one another.
  • To tackle the issue of water shortage and make the most of available water, people live in close-knit communities in states like Rajasthan.
  • Urban areas serve as hubs for economic development and bridges to rural areas.
  • Compared to rural places, metropolitan life is faster and more complicated. In cities, formal relationships are the norm.


What are the Main Characteristics of Urban Settlements?

Urban settlements are characterized by their large physical footprints, dense population, and occupations that are linked to the secondary and tertiary sectors. They also have human-made structures like homes, businesses, roads, bridges, and railroads.

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