What are Four Types of Agriculture?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : November 3rd, 2022

Shifting Cultivation, Subsistence farming, Pastoralism, and Intensive farming are the four types of agriculture. Despite its variable nature, agriculture is the most widespread activity. It is classified according to the type of crop planted, the scale and intensity of cultivation, the level of mechanisation, livestock combinations, and how farm produces is distributed.

Four Types of Agriculture

Agriculture plays a significant role in increasing the country's revenue in India. New farming techniques assist farmers in increasing their income. Agriculture is classified into four types:

Types of Agriculture

Shifting Cultivation

Concerned with the rotation of crops

Subsistence Farming

This type refers to the practice of raising livestock or growing crops only for self and not for trade purposes.


Related to animals herding

Intensive Farming

Focuses on increasing the input and the resultant output per unit of agricultural land

Agriculture Types

Agriculture in India is classified into several types. The type of crop planted in fields serves as the foundation for categorization. The types of agriculture mentioned above are discussed in detail below.

  • Subsistence Farming: This farming type is for small farmers' families. They use less technology for farming and more manpower.
  • Shifting cultivation: It is a farming process that is used to be done in forest areas in India, America, Africa, and other continents.
  • Intensive Farming: Rotational grazing is one of the best examples of Intensive farming. Here, a large number of production is done on a small part of the land.
  • Pastoralism:  It is related to animal husbandry. In this process, domesticated animals get left in a large part of the land for grazing.

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FAQs on Types of Agriculture

  • The four main types of Agriculture are Shifting Cultivation, Subsistence Farming, Pastoralism, and Intensive Farming. These farming techniques are being used in India and other countries of the world for better production.

  • No. Subsistence farming is only related to the growth and cultivation of crops and raising enough livestock for one’s own sustenance and not for any trade purposes.

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