Why is the Indian constitution called the Written constitution?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Indian Constitution is called a written constitution because it is borrowed from different countries, especially the British, and provides various guarantees that can not be changed or removed without an absolute majority in the Parliament. A written constitution is a constitution codified and prepared in a coherent and structured manner.

Indian Constitution as the Written constitution

The Constitution of India was systematically and carefully drafted by calligraphers in two versions, English and Hindi. The Constitution of India is a written constitution proposed by the constituent assembly. It is the largest in the world.

  • The vastness is due to many articles and different schedules. Administrative matters were described in detail. There is a provision for a federal form of government in which it exists there are three lists of the division of powers, i.e., Federal List, State List, and Concurrent List.
  • The inclusion of fundamental rights and directive principles in the constitution expanded it. There also exists a provision for the protection of reserved castes and backward classes in the constitution.
  • This feature is not available in any other constitution in the world. There is a separate article on citizenship, national language, and judiciary.


Why is the Indian constitution called the Written constitution?

The Indian Constitution is given the name of a written constitution as it has been inspired by the constitutions belonging to different countries. A written constitution is one that was methodically, meticulously crafted, and incorporated into a single document. A constitution is a set of rules and concepts that serve as the foundation for governing a country.

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