Who Wrote Harshavardhana’s Biography?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The biography of Harshavardhana was written by a 7th-century Sanskrit scholar and writer called Banabhatta, also called Bana. Harshacharita is the name of the biography. The term “Asthana Kav,” or “Court Poet,” refers to Banabhatta as Harshavardhana. Bana’s initial composition was a piece called Harshacharita. It is also regarded as the first time that historical poetry was written in the Sanskrit language.

Author of Biography of Harshavardhana

Harshvardhana’s biography is called the Harshacharita, which was composed by Banabhatta, who served as the Asthana Kavi in Harshavardhan’s court. He was a Sanskrit writer and a court poet in the court of King Harshavardhana. Harshacharita is his first historical text.

  • In Sanskrit literature, historical biographies first appeared in the form of Harshacharita. Before this, no biographies were written in the Sanskrit language.
  • Banabhatta describes India’s environment, society, and industry in highly stylized descriptions in a fanciful, ornate, and florid style.
  • It genuinely embodies the prosperity, talent, and success of that era’s way of life.
  • The work cannot be regarded as an objectively political work because it was created with the support of the Vardhana dynasty emperor Harsha.
  • It gives a very positive impression of the emperor’s choices and deeds.
  • The emperor’s life is described in the eight Ucchvasas of the Harshacharita, which was written in an elaborate style of poetic prose (chapters).
  • Bana starts off with an account of Harsha’s ancestry and his early life. The book gives a graphic illustration of the King’s life and the natural environment and life in the countryside.

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