When is the Chilarai Divas Date Observed in Assam?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Chilarai Divas date is observed on a full moon night in February (Magh) in Assam. The date is decided as per the Hindu calendar every year. It is declared a regional public holiday in Assam that falls in Phagun Maah of Purnima according to the Hindu calendar. This day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Mahabir Chilaray and was started by the Government of Assam in 2005.

Chilarai Divas Date in Assam

Bir Chilarai divas are observed every year in the month of February on a full moon night in Assam state. Hence, the date changes every year. Bir Chilarai was a great general of the Koch Royal Dynasty of Assam. He played a great role in expanding the great empire of his elder brother, Maharaja Nara Narayan.

He died from smallpox on the banks of the Ganges River in 1577 while heading an invasion of Gour in western India. He is remembered as a hero in the state of Assam.

List of Bir Chilarai Divas Date

Below is the list of Bir Chilarai Divas dates from 2022 to 2026.

Name Date Day
Bir Chilarai Divas 16 February 2022 Wednesday
Bir Chilarai Divas 05 February 2023 Sunday
Bir Chilarai Divas 24 February 2024 Saturday
Bir Chilarai Divas 12 February 2025 Wednesday
Bir Chilarai Divas 01 February 2026 Sunday


When is the Chilarai Divas Date Observed in Assam?

Every year the people of Assam observe the Chilarai Divas date in February on a full moon day in February (Magh). The day is celebrated all over Assam with joy and fervor to honor the valiant and heroic deeds of the Great General of Assam. The Great General died from smallpox while heading an invasion to expand his brother’s kingdom.

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