Who are Tribal People?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The tribal people are one of the oldest inhabitants of the subcontinent. The tribes did not practice religion with a written text, and they had no common state or political form. The social, economic, and cultural conditions of the tribal people differ from those of other sections of the national community. ‘Tribe’ is a modern term used for communities that are very old.

Tribal People

The majority of the Tribal People made their living through agriculture. But there were also hunters and gatherers. The majority of the time, they gathered these activities in order to maximize the use of the local natural resources.

The tribal people also had no caste systems or distinctions between classes. The Tribal People have rich oral traditions and customs that they have passed down to the next generation despite their lack of reputation for keeping written records.

Facts about Tribal People

The Facts about the Tribal People are mentioned below:

  • The societies of the tribes were distinct from those of the large cities.
  • The Tribal community makes up about 8.6% of India’s total population, making them a minority group, per the 2011 census.
  • The Tribal population leads a traditional lifestyle that is tied to the forest areas of India.

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