What is a Bhela Ghar?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Bhela Ghar is a temporary place to spend the night. A communal feast hall known as Bhela Ghar is made of thatch, bamboo, straw, dried leaves, and other organic materials. This is something that the entire community enjoys the night before Uruka or Bihu. It has a tremendous cultural impact. A Bhela ghar can accommodate a few people who choose to spend the Uruka night inside with its modest yet sturdy rustic look.

Bhela Ghar Meaning

The women test their culinary skills by focusing on community feasts for the Uruka night and gourmet eating staples on Bihu, while the men spend time making the bhela ghar. Most of the Bhela ghars have been constructed in open areas. A dry paddy field provides a safer alternative as it is completely burnt on Bihu.

It is a makeshift hut made of bamboo, thatch, and leaves, and erected by the people. People eat food prepared for the feast and then the huts are burned the next morning.

Facts About Bhela Ghar

  • Traditional Assamese games like buffalo fighting and pot breaking (tekeli bhonga) are also featured in the festival.
  • Bhela ghars built in the fields are used by people for night stays.
  • People stay in the bhel ghars at night to warm themselves by the fire and use the vegetables they steal from the backyard of the village which is considered a tradition.
  • Ashes from Bhela ghars are used in gardens or fields to increase the fertility of trees, crops, and plants.

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