Who Appoints the CM of Union Territory?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The President appoints the Chief Minister and other ministers of the Union Territory on the recommendation of the Chief Minister. The Minister shall hold office at the pleasure of the President. Only Delhi and Puducherry have these provisions. The Lieutenant Governor is the representative of the President in the Union Territories.

Chief Minister Appointment of Union Territory

According to Part VIII of the Indian Constitution, the President shall appoint the Chief Minister. The President and additional Ministers will be chosen by the President and will serve at the pleasure of the President, acting on advice from the Chief Minister and the Ministers.

  • Puducherry (1963) and Delhi (1992) have legislative assemblies, and councils of ministers presided over by chief ministers.
  • Similarly, Jammu and Kashmir’s union territory has a unicameral legislature.
  • There are no similarly well-liked political institutions in the remaining union territories.
  • India’s Union Government governs federal territories known as Union Territories (UTs). They are also referred to as areas with central administration.
  • The Indian President chooses Lieutenant Governors (LGs) to lead the Union Territories.
  • The UT administrators are the LGs.


Who Appoints the CM of Union Territory?

On the Chief Minister’s recommendation, the President shall appoint the Chief Minister of the Union Territories and other Ministers. The Ministers will be chosen by the President and serve as required. A similar unicameral government exists in Jammu and Kashmir, a union territory. There are no comparable politically well-liked institutions in the other union territories.

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