Who appoints the Chairman of Haryana Public Service Commission?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Chairman of the Haryana Public Service Commission is appointed by the Governor of the state. Article 316 (IA) of the Indian Constitution empowers the Governor of the state to appoint the Chairman, including an acting Chairman. The state Governor can appoint or dismiss the eight members that make up the Haryana Public Service Commission, together with the chairperson.

HPSC Chairman

HPSC comprises a Chairman and eight members. The Haryana Public Service Commission’s chairman is Alok Verma. The eight members are appointed by the state Governor. The Chairman of HPSC shall receive a remuneration of twenty-four thousand per month, whereas the members are entitled to a remuneration of twenty-one thousand.

The Haryana Public Service Commission is the highest-ranking constitutional body of the Haryana government. HPSC was founded on 1st November 1966 after the formation of the Haryana state.

  • Apart from conducting examinations, HPSC is responsible for other duties, such as advising the Haryana Government, deciding and maintaining the service rules, conducting interviews of eligible candidates, etc.
  • They are an important institution at the Union level and State level to serve the public in a better way.
  • The term of service is specified at a specific amount of time that begins on the appointed day.


Who appoints the Chairman of the Haryana Public Service Commission?

The governor of the state appoints the chairman of the Haryana Public Service Commission. He also has the power to remove the Chairman and its members. Haryana Public Service Commission consists of 8 members and a chairman. Under specific rules and regulations established by the Government of Haryana and its state governor, the chairman can make independent decisions.

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