Who Appoints the State Election Commissioner?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The State Election Commissioner is appointed by the Governor of the state. The Indian Constitution’s Article 243K (1) contains the relevant provisions. According to this article, the State Election Commissioner is the only person with authority over the direction, supervision, and preparation of the electoral rolls.

Appointment of State Election Commissioner

These electoral rolls are defined as all elections for the Panchayats (as directed in Article 243ZA). The state governor appoints the State Election Commissioner at his/her discretion. In India, there are provisions in the Constitution for the States Election Commission, an autonomous body.

  • As a result, it was also established as a constitutional body in India’s States and Union Territories.
  • Following the 73rd and 74th declarations amending the Constitution, the State Election Commission was established.
  • The State Election Commission works to guarantee that elections are held in a transparent, unprejudiced, and fair manner.
  • Fair elections, the most significant pillar of democracy, are protected.
  • The Indian Constitution’s Article 324 contains the provisions for the committee’s establishment.

Article 324 safeguards the powers of the Election Commission. Election of Urban Local Bodies like Municipalities, Panchayats, Municipal Corporations, etc., are the States Election Commission’s accountability and responsibility. These commissions are headed by their respective State Commission Officers. These are appointed by the Governor of a state or union territory.

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