What Steps did the French Revolutionaries take to Create a sense of Collective Identity among the French People?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The steps that the French revolutionaries took to create a sense of collective identity among the French people were drafting a constitution promoting equal rights for all and including the national flag as a symbol of the nation along with the national language. Creating a sense of nationalism was the key to creating a collective identity. Other measures that were taken to create a sense of unity among the French people were to create a political body with the help of citizens’ participation and bring about common law for all.

French Revolutionaries

The French revolutionaries took several measures to ensure that the French people felt, thought, and behaved collectively and unanimously. The French revolutionaries were willing to make such a change that the people of France recognized themselves as one and were proud of their country.

Steps by French Revolutionaries to Create Collective Identity

Some steps taken in that direction were:

  • A new French flag, a tricolor, was introduced, replacing the Royal Standards.
  • Promote equal rights in the constitution by incorporating the ideas of ‘la petrie’ (the fatherland) and ‘le sitoien’ (citizen).
  • The Estates General was reformed as the National Assembly with the active participation of citizens.
  • ‘One law’ was introduced for the whole country, and all unnecessary internal dues and customs were abolished.
  • Took a new oath.
  • French was promoted as the national language, and regional dialects were no longer supported.

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