Where are Lion Tailed Macaques Found in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Lion Tailed Macaques are only found in India and live in the hills and mountains of the southwest Western Ghats. Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu are mainly endemic to the small, highly fragmented rainforests of the Western Ghats. An endemic monkey of the Old World is the lion-tailed macaque, also called the wanderoo.

Lion Tailed Macaques in India

Here are a few interesting and unique features of Lion-tailed Macaques found in India.

  • One of the smallest macaque species, measuring 61 cm from head to body and weighing up to 10 kg.
  • Lion-tailed macaques have black hair. They can be recognized by their silver-white mane, which wraps around their head from the cheeks to the chin. Their face is hairless and black in color.
  • The black tuft is more noticeable in males, who also have longer tails than females.
  • In the wild, lion-tailed macaques live 20 years on average; in captivity, they live 30 years.
  • The lion-tailed macaque’s diet consists primarily of fruits, leaves, buds, and insects.
  • They modify their diets in response to environmental change or scarcity.
  • Additionally, it has been noted that they consume non-native plant materials such as fruits, seeds, shoots, flowers, and other parts.


Where are Lion-Tailed Macaques Found in India?

Lion Tailed Macaques are found in India, they reside amidst the hills and highlands of the Western Ghats in southwest India. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala are primarily endemic to the small, severely fragmented rainforests of the Western Ghats.

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