Which Groups of French Society Benefited from the Revolution?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The groups of French society that benefited from the revolution were the wealthy members of the third estate, the middle class. The Middle class consist of Peasants, landless laborers, servants, small peasants, big businessmen, merchants, court administrators, lawyers, etc. The nobles and clergy were forced to give up their powers voluntarily. However, since the main objective of the revolution (equality for all) was not fulfilled to a greater extent, women along with the poor section of society failed to create better conditions for themselves.

Groups of French Society that Benefited from Revolution

The French Revolution lasted for more than 10 years and was capable of bringing about social, political, fundamental, and economic changes in society. This resulted in the fall of the Bourbon monarchy in France. Here are the major effects of the French Revolution.

  • This led to the rise of the middle class in society and was responsible for shaping society.
  • During the revolution, various political parties were formed and after the revolution, these parties became critical of the poor policies made by the government.
  • Freedom of speech, press, association, worship and land ownership was granted.
  • Class-based social discrimination was reduced to an extent.
  • It introduced revolutionary ideas that promoted democracy, fraternity, liberty, and equality in France.
  • This resulted in the introduction of the parliamentary system.
  • There was a change in land ownership.
  • The royal guard was replaced by the national guard.

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