What is Article 71?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Article 71 in the Constitution of India covers the election of a President or Vice-President. It states that the Supreme Court will make all decisions regarding the election of a President or Vice President and that these decisions will be final and free of any conflicts of interest. Furthermore, there are several implications of the Article 71 of the Indian Constitution.

Article 71 of the Indian Constitution

Article 71 implies that all the decisions relating to the election of a President and/or a Vice-President will be in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Court and these decisions will not be questioned at any cost. Article 71 of the Indian Constitution implies that:

(1) The Supreme Court shall conduct an investigation and render a final judgment on all doubts and disputes arising out of or related to the election of a president or vice president.

(2) If the Supreme Court rules that a person’s election to the office of President or Vice President was invalid, that person’s actions taken in carrying out those responsibilities on or before the date of the ruling by the Supreme Court are not invalidated as a result of that ruling.

(3) Parliament may by law regulate any matter pertaining to or connected with the election of a President or Vice President, subject to the provisions of this constitution.

(4) The election of a person as President or Vice President shall not be challenged on the grounds that there is a vacancy among the members of the electoral college who elected him, regardless of the cause.

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