What is Article 78?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

According to Article 78 of the Indian Constitution, the Prime Minister is responsible for informing the President of all pertinent information. Additionally, the state executive’s Article 167 corresponds to Article 167 of the Indian Constitution. The Prime Minister recently briefed the President on matters of national and international importance that arose as a result of border tensions with China, the Covid-19 situation, and the economic crisis, which made Article 78 news.

Article 78 of the Indian Constitution

Article 78 of the Indian Constitution deals with the Prime Minister’s duty to make available all the important information related to the administration of the country to the President. Article 78 lays down a few duties and responsibilities for the Prime Minister as stated:

  • To inform the President of all significant decisions made by the Council of Ministers regarding the management of Union affairs and other legislative proposals.
  • To share information regarding the Union’s management of its affairs and legislative proposals as the President may require.
  • Any matter on which a Minister has made a decision but the Council has not yet considered it must be submitted, if the President so requests, for the Council of Minister’s consideration.

Therefore, if put simply, Article 78 of the Indian Constitution lays down certain guidelines pertaining to the role and duties of the Prime Minister of India, primarily towards the President.

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