What is the Article 253?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Article 253 of the Constitution of India deals with the law to give effect to international agreements. It states that Parliament has the power to make laws for the whole or any part of the country for carrying into effect the agreements with one or more countries. Also, it has the power to decide in respect of such matters at any international conference or on other occasions.

Article 253 of the Indian Constitution

Article 253 is contained in Chapter XI of the Indian Constitution and contains provisions of law to give effect to international agreements.

  • According to this article, when it comes to planning or implementing any treaty or agreement with other countries, Parliament can make any law or provision for the whole or a part of the country.
  • Also, the Parliament controls any international conference or decisions made with any international body.
  • It is designed with the aim of ensuring respect for international laws and compliance with international treaties.
  • Article 253 is an important part of the Constitution that deals with center-state relations and helps maintain a balance between the two when it comes to international treaties and alliances.
  • Article 253 has been instrumental in helping India maintain external sovereignty.

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