Make Two Lists: One with the Main Events and the Effects of the February Revolution and the Other With the Main Events and Effects of the October Revolution. Write a paragraph on Who was Involved in each, Who were the Leaders, and what was the Impact of each on Soviet history

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The main events and effects of the February Revolution and the October Revolution include the lockout of the factory on the right bank, the dissolution of the Duma, the fall of the Tsar’s power and the rise of the Bolsheviks to power, the appointment and beginning of the Military Revolutionary Committee. Revolt against the Provisional Government.

Events and Effects of February and October Revolution

Leaders such as Lenin and Trotsky had major roles in the October Revolution, while Petrograd led the February Revolution.

Main Events in February Revolution

The general public led the February Revolution without the involvement of political parties. The major events and effects of the February Revolution are as follows-

  • February 22: A lockout occurred at the factory on the right bank.
  • February 25: Dissolution of the Duma.
  • February 27: The Police Headquarters was ransacked. All the regiments supported the workers, and as a result, the Soviet Union was formed.
  • March 2: The Tsar relinquishes his power, leading the leaders of the Duma and the Soviet Union to form a provisional government for Russia.

Main Events in October Revolution

Leaders such as Trotsky and Lenin, along with their subordinates, mainly led the October Revolution. The major events and effects of the October Revolution are as follows:

  • 16th October: Soviets appointed the Military Revolutionary Committee.
  • 24th October: Masses begin to uprise the provisional government. The Military Revolutionary Committee controlled the city at night. The ministers surrendered, and lastly, the Bolsheviks gained power.

Impact on Soviet History

During the February Revolution, Petrograd was responsible for bringing down the monarchy and making Soviet history. In the October Revolution, prominent leaders were responsible for the beginning of Lenin’s rule over the Soviet Union.

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