What is the Article 57?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Article 57 addresses the eligibility for re-election to the office of President. The article discusses the requirements for re-election to the office of President. It stipulates that a person who currently occupies or has previously held the position of President will be eligible for re-election just once.

Article 57 in the Constitution of India

Article 57 of the Indian constitution, 1950, or as you may also know it by the title of ‘Draft Article 46’, permitted the re-election of the President.

  • This Draft Article had originally stated against the re-election and permitted only one term for the President.
  • This was further opposed and debated on December 13, 1948.
  • The Draft Article was amended and then included in India’s constitution.

In its previous form, the Draft Article limited a President’s re-election: A person could only serve as President of India for one term. An amendment was proposed by a member to remove this restriction. He stated that “a capable and efficient man should be allowed to serve the country for as long as he is able.”

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