Who Hosted the Congress of Vienna in 1815?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Congress of Vienna was hosted by the Austrian Chancellor, Duke Metternich. It attempted to advance the abolition of the slave trade, which was ultimately accomplished by the 1890 Brussels Convention. In order to draught a settlement for Europe, the representatives of the European powers Russia, Britain, Prussia, and Austria, who had jointly defeated Napoleon, met in Vienna.

Host of Congress of Vienna in 1815

It was an assembly that reorganized Europe after the Napoleonic Wars. The Treaty of Vienna of 1815 was drawn up by the delegates with the objective of undoing most of the changes that had come about in Europe during the Napoleonic wars. The Bourbon dynasty was restored to power. France lost all the territories it had annexed under Napoleon.

  • The Congress’s goal was to find a long-term solution to the pressing problems left over from the Napoleonic and French Revolutionary Wars without resorting to (military) force.
  • The objective was to resize the major powers to balance each other and maintain peace while also acting as shepherds for the smaller powers.
  • This was not just about restoring old boundaries. More fundamentally and strongly generalizing, conservative thinkers like Von Metternich also aimed to suppress or end republicanism, liberalism, and revolutionary movements that, in their eyes, had upended and still posed a threat to the constitutional order of the European ancient regime.
  • The members of the Congress of Vienna never attended any formal congregation and made decisions through informal sessions between the delegates.

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