How Many Judges are there in the Supreme Court in 2023?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Supreme Court of India currently has 33 judges, excluding the Chief Justice of India. The Chief Justice of India presides over the Supreme Court judges. Justice Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud is the current Chief Justice of India. He is India’s 50th Chief Justice, who was appointed and took office on 9th November 2022.

Total Judges in the Supreme Court in 2023

According to the law, the Supreme Court of India can appoint a total of 33 judges, excluding the Chief Justice of India. India has a three-tiered judicial system, with Subordinate or District Courts at the bottom of the hierarchy, High Courts sitting on them, and the Supreme Court or Apex Court as the country’s highest form of legal authority. Article 124 specifies the procedure for establishing the Supreme Court.

Article 124 (3) defines the qualifications for the selection of a Supreme Court judge. Any person who fits the criteria qualifies for the role:

  • The candidate should be a citizen of India.
  • The candidate should have 5 years of experience as a High Court Judge (of two or more Courts in succession)


  • The candidate should have 10 years of experience as an advocate in a High Court.
  • The candidate can also be someone who is an esteemed jurist in the eyes of the President.

The President of India handpicks all Supreme Court judges. The tenure is entirely on the President or until the Judge turns 65 years of age.

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