The Council of Ministers of the Government of India is Controlled by?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Prime Minister controls the council of ministers of the Indian Government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi presides over the council, which has 29 members in total, including the Prime Minister. The union council of ministers is collectively accountable to the Lok Sabha, according to Article 75. As a result, the Lok Sabha would hold each minister jointly accountable for all their deeds, whether good or bad.

Council of Ministers of Government of India

Cabinet ministers, Ministers of State, and Deputy Ministers are the three types of ministers that make up the Council of Ministers. The provision for the council of ministers is mentioned in Article 74 of the Constitution, while Article 75 covers the qualifications, appointment, oath, tenure, responsibilities, salaries, and benefits of ministers.

  • The Prime Minister is positioned above all of these ministers.
  • The Union Cabinet, a subset of the Union Council of Ministers, handles significant portfolios and ministries of the government and is the top decision-making body in India.
  • The council of ministers, including the Prime Minister, shall not exceed 15% of the total strength of the Lok Sabha. 91st Amendment Act of 2003 added this clause.

Constitutional Provisions for the Union Council of Ministers

  • Article 75: It mentions the fundamentals of the individual responsibility of the union council of ministers. According to this clause, Ministers serve at the pleasure of the President, which means the President may remove a minister at any moment, even though the council of ministers has the support of the Lok Sabha. However, the President can remove a minister only on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.
  • Article 77: It has the provision for the Conduct of the Government of India Business. This means that the President shall formulate regulations for the Government of India’s business transactions and for the distribution of said business among the Ministers.
  • Article 78: It addresses the Prime Minister’s responsibilities. It states that the Prime Minister must communicate to the President all the decisions taken by the council of ministers related to the administration of Union affairs and legislative proposals.

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