What Criteria Need to be Met for a Political Party to be Recognised as a National Party?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The criteria for a political party to be recognized as a National Party is that a party should receive around 6% of the total votes cast in four States’ assemblies or the Lok Sabha election and wins at least 2% of the available seats. National Party is an electoral participant and a recognized political party in India. Parties designated as such are provided with original symbols that can only be used in positions of responsibility within that party.

Criteria for Political Party to be Recognised as National Party

An organization that brings together candidates to contest elections is called a political party. The members of the political party should have general ideas about politics. Parties may promote specific policy goals or ideologies.

For a political party to be recognized as a national party, it needs to fulfill specific criteria. It is not easy to become a national party in India. To establish a national party in India, specific requirements have to be met. A political party can be recognized as a national party in India if it fulfills one of the requirements listed below as per the Election Commission of India.

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To become a national party in India the following criteria have to be fulfilled:

  • Obtain at least 6% of valid votes in elections to the Legislative Assembly or Lok Sabha in four or more states, and win at least four seats in the Lok Sabha from any state or state.
  • Win at least three state seats or 2% of the total number of Lok Sabha seats in a general election.
  • At least four states recognize the party as a state party.

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