How Many Political Parties in India have the National Party Status?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

There are 8 Political Parties in India that have National Party Status. These include the BJP, NCP, NPP, Congress, CPI, CPI-M, BSP, and AITC. India is a democratic country that has more than 50 parties at the state and national levels, but only a few are recognised as National Parties and State Parties. We follow the multi-party system contrary to the two-party system. Any Indian national can make a party with a group of people to support a cause or region.

Political Parties in India have National Party Status

There are 8 National Parties in India that the Election Commission of India recognizes. India is a very diverse country where people create parties based on caste, religion, reason, language, etc. To save the country from choosing, the ECI has set guidelines for a party to be a state or national party. If the party fulfills the criteria, it is recognized as a national political party.

We have listed the Political Parties in Indiaw below:

Name Abbreviations Founding Date
Bharatiya Janata Party BJP April 6, 1980
Communist Party of India CPI December 26, 1925
Indian National Congress INC December 28, 1885
Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI-M November 07, 1964
Bahujan Samaj Party BSP April 14, 1984
All India Trinamool Congress AITC January 01, 1998
Nationalist Congress Party NCP June 10, 1999
National People’s Party NPP January 06, 2013

National Party Status in India

To get the status of the National Party in India, the recognized party has to meet some conditions laid down by the ECI. There are some more facts that you can check for the national parties.

  • As of 2014, if a party wins 2% (11) of seats in the Lok Sabha elections from at least 2 different states.
  • The party must secure the 6% votes in four states with 4 Lok Sabha seats.
  • The party must be recognized as a State Party in four or more states.
  • There must be a recognized symbol of the Party.


How Many Political Parties in India have National Party Status?

As of now, there are 8 National Parties in India. These are BSP, Congress, CPI, CPI-M, BJP, NCP, NPP, and AITC. Unlike some other democracies, India doesn’t have a two-party system. Instead, we have a multi-party system. These parties may lose the status of the national party, or some more parties get the status based on the current situation of the party in the country. Parties that fulfill the guidelines laid down by ECI get the status of National Parties.

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