What are the Various Challenges Faced by Political Parties?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The various challenges faced by political parties are powerful succession, lack of internal democracy, muscle power, money, etc. Political parties often face many difficulties. Lack of internal democracy comes first. When important decisions are being made because of the centralization of power in the hands of a few notable leaders, many other ordinary members of the party are not heard or consulted.

Challenges Faced by Political Parties

The lack of internal democracy within political parties is one of the many difficulties faced by them. Here are a few other challenges faced by political parties in India.

  • If political parties tend to organize and concentrate power under one or more leaders at the top, the rest of the members cannot impact any decisions.
  • Additionally, failure to hold regular elections and multiple organizational meetings of political parties contribute to the lack of internal democracy.
  • The problem of dynastic succession is another. Political parties have basically faced this dilemma since time immemorial.
  • Some influential individuals still hold the reins of power and do not seek the input of regular members. These include members belonging to just one influential family.
  • The internal operations of the party are unknown to ordinary members. It is crucial to have a transparent system of functioning that helps deserving candidates rise to the top.
  • Candidates who can collect and raise lots of money are usually nominated to contest the elections.
  • Often, many parties focus on shortcuts to win the elections, which is unethical in many ways.
  • As a result, it creates room for disputes within the party.

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