What are the Characteristics of a Political Party?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Characteristics of a Political Party are to attain power, pursue an ideology, have a common agenda, establish a government, and act as a link between the people & the government. A political party is a collection of people who come together to contest elections and control the government. Leaders, engaged members, and supporters are the three main characteristics of a political party.

Characteristics of a Political Party

Communal and regional parties, the development of competent opposition parties, and independent members, and the lack of a specific constitutional provision that forbids or permits the formation of political parties and associations among citizens are features of the multi-party system in India.

The following are the characteristics of a political party:

  • Gaining power: The political parties compete against each other for the same thing, and as long as the rivalry is fair, there is nothing wrong with aiming for power.
  • Pursuing an ideology: A party’s ideology is defined by how it responds to particular social challenges. Most political parties today have similar views, making it challenging for the average voter to choose which party to support.
  • Having a Common Agenda: Parties develop their agenda based on their respective philosophies. In order to win elections and execute their plan, they want to win over the masses.
  • To set up the government: the administration is formed by the political party with the most votes; The opposition consists of parties with fewer votes.
  • To act as a link between the people and the government: the people and the government are linked through political parties. They convey public concerns and requests to elected officials, while the government works through political parties to win public support for its policies and programs.

What is a Political Party?

A political party is a group that organizes candidates for office in a given nation. Parties may support particular ideologies or political aims, and it is typical for party members to share similar political views.

As contemporary party organizations developed and spread around the world over the past few centuries, political parties have come to play an important role in the politics of practically every country. While some countries have only one political party, others have several.

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