What are the Factors Affecting National Integration?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The factors affecting National Integration are Casteism, Communalism, Provincialism, Political Parties, and Linguistic Differences. A highly developed level of cooperation between different groups and subgroups for the benefit of all members characterizes a unified nation.

Factors Affecting National Integration

Casteism, communalism, linguistic extremism, social inequality, economic inequality, criminal activity, regional education, etc., are all hindering national development in India. Below, we have discussed some of the factors affecting national integration in detail:

  • Casteism: This badly hinders the integration of the country. In India, the number of different castes and religions varies greatly. People are unable to consider the needs of the country because these prejudices are so aggressive and limiting.
  • Communalism: Conflicts between communities can sometimes result from accumulated interests that foster feelings of enmity and hatred.
  • Provincialism: As a result of the limited sense of regionalism of the individual states of the country, mutual enmity between the states is increasing.
  • Political parties: Many political parties ignore the needs of the general public and the interests of the country to win votes based on caste, religion, creed, and geography.
  • Linguistic differences: The politics around linguistic personality makes it difficult for people to put aside their linguistic biases.

National Integration

India is a diverse nation with many different ethnic groups, classes, castes, languages, ​​and cultural traditions. There are many obstacles to achieving world unification in such a country. National integration is the process of integrating people with different socio-cultural identities (racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious, etc.) into a regional political society. It aims to create a sense of national awareness, uniqueness of identity, and loyalty.

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